The privacy of your data is critical. It's important you understand what data is collected, how and why it's used, and your rights to your data.


When you register, I ask for your email address and name. Your personal information will never be shared or sold to unrelated third parties or data brokers, who may then use it for purposes you did not originally intend.

If you choose to make your information available to relevant game industry companies and recruiters, I may sell search access to your data. Acting as a matchmaker between companies and individuals that both sides choose to participate in.

Your name and identity will never be used for marketing statements without your permission.

Geolocation Data

Your IP address is used to lookup your approximate geographic location. This provides more relevant location search and helps detect unauthorized access to your account.

Tracking and Ads does not use client side scripts, such as Google Analytics, to track your website interactions. This site will never serve third party ads. Third party javascript is only used on the registration page for CAPTCHA and the payment processing page.


Secure first party cookies are used to store your login state and preferences. Third party cookies are not used.

Anti-bot Protections

During registration, a CAPTCHA is used to stop bots. The benefit is reduced spam and other unwanted content. The CAPTCHA uses third party javascript and is only included on the registration page.


Below is a list of subprocessors your data may pass through as a result of using

Information Transfer

In the unlikely event is ever acquired or merged with another company, I will notify you well before about any information that is transferred and becomes subject to a difference privacy policy.

Last Updated: March 26th, 2021