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Rotoscoping for Visual Effects 18-week course equips students with essential skills
for seamlessly integrating visual effects into films and other media. From mastering
industry-standard software like Nuke and Silhouette to understanding advanced
techniques in rotoscoping, participants learn to meticulously isolate and manipulate
elements within footage. Through hands-on exercises and real-world projects,
students develop proficiency in tasks such as object removal, character animation,
and matte creation. Taught by experienced professionals, the course provides
invaluable insights and feedback, ensuring students graduate with the expertise
needed to excel as rotoscope artists in the competitive world of visual effects.

What You'll Learn
• What is Rotoscoping and where it fits within the visual effects industry
• Introduction to Rotoscoping, user interface, used nodes and basic workflow
(Silhouette & Nuke)
• Anatomy concepts (living & nonliving)
• General process of shape animation & type
• Hair Roto
• Motion Blur & Stop Motion
• Quality control techniques

Course Highlights
• Our video tutorials encompass the essentials as well as advanced methods in
• Providing students with tools they need to create and understand high-quality
industry standards in Roto - shapes, alpha plates, and plate output.
• Training students to understand the core elements of this wonderful discipline.
• Students will learn how to time manage to achieve a high-quality production

Why choose the Rotoscope Partnership Program?
Becoming a rotoscope artist in visual effects offers a fulfilling career path blending
technical expertise with artistic creativity. With mastery of software tools like Nuke
and Silhouette, artists play a critical role in isolating elements within footage for
seamless integration of CGI and enhancing visual quality. This role provides diverse
project opportunities across film, television, and commercials, ensuring excitement
and variety in work. With growing demand in the entertainment industry, rotoscope
artists enjoy stable job prospects and avenues for career advancement.
Collaborating within a team fosters personal and professional growth, while the satisfaction of contributing creatively to cinematic storytelling underscores the
appeal of this dynamic profession.
Enroll now and start your journey towards a successful career in Rotoscoping!


Recent graduates of bachelor’s in art, animation, game design and illustration. Other graduates with basic animation knowledge can also apply.

Company Description

Technicolor Creative Academy is a virtual program preparing artists for their journey through the world’s top visual effects studios through intensive training.

Our virtual courses prepare you for a career in visual effects by working with industry experts on your creative, technical, procedural, and soft skills. They also provide a great opportunity to gain experience and expertise to build upon as you progress in your career.

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