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QA Tester (contract)

Electronic Arts
Baton Rouge Louisiana 70803 United States
1 year ago





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Please read the following carefully before submitting an application.

This is not a work from home position.

*This role is a 90 day assignment through PRO Unlimited. Assignment e xtensions are solely based on business need.

QA Tester Role overview.

Quality Assurance Testers (“QA Testers”) perform a vital role in game development: testing, analyzing, and recording, any flaws or “bugs.” These refinements ultimately lead to higher quality and better playability of the finished game. The job involves: testing the game in a systematic way, analyzing the game's performance against the designer's intentions, identifying and reporting problems, and suggesting improvements. However, it also involves creativity and ingenuity, which is used to figure how to ‘break’ the game in different and unique ways. In effect, QA Testers act as the game's first audience by reporting on playability and identifying any aspects that could be improved. Testers are responsible for finding these bugs in a game before it goes public and assuring quality in the final product.

QA Testers must know how categorize bugs and be able to prioritize their time and workload. They work to deadlines and must have an understanding of production and marketing schedules. They use a software quality management system to document their findings into a centralized database which is then shared with other EA QA groups located worldwide. Testers typically work in teams-- which makes communication and teamwork a necessity.

Testing involves playing the same game repeatedly for weeks at a time, testing different levels and versions or revisions of the game. Sometimes, different teams are responsible for specific sections or areas of a game. The work can be repetitive and tedious; however, QA Testers must be able to stay motivated and test the game long after the novelty and fun factor may have worn off. They must be diplomatic and professional when communicating with other team members; they must accept that they can have only limited influence over the design. They must also be able to anticipate different ways the game will be played by people around the world, and test accordingly.

What skills does EA look for?

This is a popular entry-level role, particularly for those not already qualified as an artist or programmer. This is an excellent way to gain experience & learn about the gaming industry.

QA Testers must be analytical and methodical. Excellent English language skills, both written and verbal, are essential to document issues and report them to colleagues. These findings can later be shared with a development team on the other side of the world or with a fellow tester sitting right next to them, which makes clear, concise verbal skills a must. IT competence, including the use of e-mails, spreadsheets, and database packages is also required. Though not necessary, some programming knowledge or experience is desirable.

The next great QA Tester

Testers should also have a basic understanding of game design, how games are created, and how the different elements of a game contribute to the playing experience. Testers will not only identify and record a problem, but also try to work out what is causing it. A key skill for a QA Tester is excellent communication, especially the ability to communicate tactfully with other members of the team and potentially across the world. It's also important to have a good attention to detail, persistence, and patience. A QA Tester must be able to maintain concentration while playing games for long periods of time. Negotiation and conflict resolution skills are very important, as is a passion for playing games.

Above all, QA Testers must be avid players. They must be able to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the industry, including different platforms, game styles, and genres. It's important to know the market so they can evaluate our games against the competition and help improve the games we work on here at EABR.

Nuts & bolts

Resumes are required with application submissions. Cover letters are optional.

Please make sure phone numbers and emails addresses are correct upon application submission. Be sure to monitor voice mails and emails carefully. * Including Junk and Spam filters.

To be considered for this position, you must be available to work the same shift Monday through Friday — along with occasional overtime on the weekends.

This position requires a mandatory training week that lasts Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm beginning the first day of hire. This is a paid 40 hour training week. Upon passing the assessment test at the end of training, you will begin one of the following shifts the following week, if available.

Shift Options :

We currently have 4 shifts available:

• 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Full-time day shift)
• 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Full-time evening shift)
• 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Part-time night shift)
• 4:00 PM – 1:00 AM (Full-time night shift)

Minimum requirements:

Pay rate starts at $11.00 per hour, varying according to shift choice.

*This role is a 90 day assignment through PRO Unlimited. Assignment e xtensions are solely based on business need.

EA was founded over 25 years ago by individuals with a deep passion for making games. Many things have changed over the years as the gaming industry and the company has expanded immensely, but we are still driven by the same passion for developing, publishing, and distributing the world’s best games. Our history has been one of great success, and our future looks even brighter. Gaming has come a long way from Pac-Man and Space Invaders to modern EA favorites like Dragon Age , Madden , FIFA , Battlefield , Titanfall , Need for Speed , and the world’s most successful franchise, The Sims . Fueled by our talented staff at locations right across the globe, we are united in our passion to continue shaping the future of interactive entertainment. Together we can make a difference.


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