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Infrastructure Lead

Toronto Ontario Canada
20 days ago
About Parallelz:

Parallelz enables developers and their existing mobile apps/games, without any SDKs, code changes, or engineering efforts to instantly improve user acquisition, organic virality, new revenue channels, and user experiences and capabilities that were not possible before.

With Parallelz, users can access mobile apps instantly, with lossless quality, at full performance, on any desktop or mobile device. The Parallelz platform enables this by transforming existing native mobile apps into fully-native web apps, in real-time, that can be instantly accessible on any browser. Developers can now have a new frictionless way to reach their customers, free from the restrictions and taxations of the existing app stores.

Parallelz unlocks millions of existing native mobile apps from their silos and transforms them into a more powerful and valuable asset that is fully web-native. Parallelz’ novel architecture creates a new category of building blocks for the web, enabling mobile apps and their functionality to become a new type of web primitive. This enables mobile apps and their discrete components, functionality, and data to instantly become directly addressable, configurable, and compositable. Furthermore, this enables entirely new types of dynamically personalized, user and ML-generated, synthetic app experiences.

Our company is building a new technology platform that enables new ways of delivering, discovering, and extending mobile applications -- ways that were never thought possible. We allow developers to – with no modifications to their code – transform existing mobile apps into web-native apps that can run anywhere, all without a walled garden app store.

But this technology doesn’t just magically appear, that's where you come in. You will help us build breakthrough technology to enable a radically improved mobile experience for users, giving them more control over their mobile device experience. We are looking for an experienced Site Reliability Engineer to join our team and help build our internal tooling to enable us to scale.

Our founding team and advisors are serial entrepreneurs and technologists from Mozilla, MIT, and former founders of high-growth venture-backed startups. The company is joined by top-tier, global venture funds and angel investors.

Job Description:

Your primary responsibility will be leading, guiding, and supporting SREs in charge of designing and developing infrastructure that integrate various technologies aligned with our technology and product strategy.

Responsibilities will include:

– Architecting monitoring, alert, and telemetry strategy

– Architecting CI / CD strategy

– Set and lead infrastructure KPIs

– Architect and assist in creating and maintaining highly available systems


– 3+ YOE with major programming languages such as Python, Typescript/Javascript, Java

– 3+ YOE software engineering experience

– Experience managing SREs

– Familiarity with major cloud providers (AWS preferred)

– Familiarity with monitoring solutions (Prometheus preferred, optional)

– Familiarity with load balancing concepts

– Familiarity with message queues concepts

– Familiarity with high availability design patterns

– Familiarity with infrastructure as code (IaaC), such as Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Chef, AWS CDK, and Pulumi

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