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Environment Artist (Contract)

Electronic Arts
Orlando Florida United States
6 months ago


Environment Artist (Contract)

Environment Artists add the lighting to games and create the atmosphere and add realism, tone, and depth to a scene. They will also use lights and shaders to describe the surface appearances of different materials; such as human skin, hair, fabric, and concrete. Through the use of their craft, they will create visually balancing individual elements that allow game artists to produce a convincing character or environment. They need to use their technical skill and their aesthetic ability to create images that not only look good but are easy to render.

Environment Artists make sure there is consistency in lighting, color balance, and mood between the elements of a shot or scene in the game. Environment Artists ensure the CG looks photorealistic. Emphasize drama or narrative, and also establish and clarify location, weather, time of day, etc. The Artist will respect and follow an established design theme for a sequence or project. They will refer to the relevant production designs and apply that visual style as faithfully as possible, taking care to maintain continuity throughout the scene and game.



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