BI Programmer

Chengdu cn
13 days ago

Job Description

About your role:

Ubisoft Chengdu is looking for an experienced and motivated BI programmer to join our team.

We specialize in providing data driven solutions and data products for Ubisoft worldwide teams. The products are helping Ubisoft AAA online game teams analyze their big data and make data-driven decisions.



What you will do:

· Take part into the data product requirement analysis and discussion.

· Work with team to design the data product features and the system.

· Data integration and development based on Hadoop ecosystem.

· Continuously refactor code to ensure the code quality.

· Design and development of streaming applications based on Spark Streaming or other similar technologies.


· 参与数据产品系统的需求讨论和分析;

· 参与数据产品的系统设计;

· 基于Hadoop生态系统的数据集成与开发

· 持续重构和改进现有系统以保障产品质量。

· 基于 Spark或者其他Streaming 的流式计算应用设计与开发;


· Must have a strong foundation of computer knowledge, with at least 2 years experiences in Big Data related development.

· Must be proficient in one or more programming languages such as Python/Java/Scala.

· Must be proficient with the Hadoop ecosystem and related technologies: Hive, Spark, Kafka, etc..

· Must be proficient in SQL, with experience in using relational database system or NoSQL.

· Experience in performance tuning, such as SQL, Spark, ETL, etc.

· Must have good abilities in analyzing and resolving problems.

· Must have good English writing.


· 扎实的计算机专业基础知识,2年以上大数据相关开发工作经验;

· 熟练使用Python/Java/Scala等一种或多种编程语言;

· 熟悉Hadoop生态系统及相关技术:Hive, Spark, Kafka等;

· 熟练使用SQL,具有一定的关系型数据库或NoSQL使用经验;

· 具备一定的系统优化经验:SQL, Spark,ETL等;

· 良好的分析、解决问题的能力;

· 良好的英文读写能力;

Additional Information

Your bonus points:

· Experience with Airflow, Streaming data processing, graph databases would be a plus.

· Good oral English is a plus


· 具有Airflow,流式数据处理,图形数据库等经验者优先。



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