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Art Production Manager

One More Game
16 days ago

About the Company

One More Game is an early-stage, venture-funded game company that supports flexible working schedules and fully-remote work. We believe creating outstanding games has more to do with building an extraordinary team than any other factor.

Our development philosophy is focused on sustaining developer happiness, maximizing iteration speed, and learning from player feedback. We know from experience it is sensible to ship games without crunch-time and have done so successfully.

Our team is comprised of veteran developers with key contributions to the development of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, Guild Wars and Magic: Arena. We seek team members who are enjoyable to work with and who will enhance our efforts, as we believe creating great games is a group endeavor made better with trust between teammates.

We aim to build games that will be cultural touchstones, the measure by which other games are judged. We seek remarkable people to join our team, and offer a comprehensive compensation package.

About the Role

The Art Production Manager is (not surprisingly) responsible for managing the development of art, primarily game character and environment art assets, as well as game user-interface art, cinematics, and web/marketing materials. In this role you'll work directly with our Art Director and internal art team, and participate in defining the look of our games, and breathing life into our original IP. We're a small team, so it's critical that each member of the team participates in the design process so we ensure what we're building has the best chance of resonating globally with players from all walks of life.

You'll lead our efforts working with outsourcing partners, including vendor sourcing & selection, production management, quality oversight, asset acceptance and inter-team communications. With your verbal & written communications you'll ensure that everyone is working from the same playbook. When working with partners you'll frequently be called upon to make critical decisions that will determine the quality and final outcome of the results.

We're interested in folks who are organized, motivated, and passionate about delivering experiences to players that players will love. We don't expect candidates to know everything, and so we provide a yearly training and educational stipend to help our teammates pick up tools for their toolbox or sharpen ones they've already acquired.

While we've already started on our first game, we still have a lot of world to build and gameplay refinements to make -- come join us!

What You’ll Do

How You Will Be Successful

Compensation and Benefits

Whether you have game industry experience or not, we encourage you to let us know you are interested in a role at One More Game.

We are a fully-remote company with no physical office and provide flexible days/hours. We have a preference for candidates within several hours of the Pacific Time zone to make meetings more convenient, as many of us are near Seattle.

We invite you to apply, and ask that you include your resume, cover letter and any other information you think represents your abilities. Any information you send will be used only for the purposes of evaluating your candidacy.

Please include the words "I want to make one more game" with your cover letter.

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