Art Director - Real Boxing

Vivid Games
Bydgoszcz Poland 85-092 PL
13 days ago

📢 We are seeking an Art Director to join our Team. We see it as crucial to the overall production of the Real Boxing 3 game. The main responsibilities of the Art Director encompass a range of creative and managerial tasks. Those tasks ensure the game's visual elements align with the intended vision and quality standards. The art Director will make sure the visual aspects not only meet high-quality standards but also effectively contribute to the overall player experience and impact the game's KPIs and final success.

Seniority Level: Senior | Form of cooperation: B2B | Salary: 15-20 k [PLN]

🥊 Responsibilities:

1. Establishing the Visual Style and Aesthetic
Vision and Style Guide: Define the overall visual style, tone, and aesthetic of the game. Create style guides and visual references to ensure consistency across all art assets. Producing sketches, storyboards, and art layouts based on creative visions and ideas.
Concept Art Oversight : Oversee the creation of concept art to establish the visual direction for the story, characters, environments, props, and other game elements.

2. Quality Control and Consistency
Asset Review: Regularly review and provide feedback on art assets to maintain high-quality standards and consistency with the established visual style.
• Polish and Refinement:
Ensure all visual elements are polished and refined, making sure they are cohesive and enhance the game’s aesthetic.

3. Pipeline and Workflow Management
Workflow Optimization: Develop and optimize workflows and pipelines for the creation and integration of art assets to ensure efficiency and productivity. Coordinate artistic activities.• Tool and Technology Selection: Select and implement appropriate tools and technologies to support the art team’s needs and the project’s requirements.

4. Creative Problem-Solving
Technical Challenges: Address and resolve technical challenges that arise during the art creation process, working closely with technical artists and engineers.
• Innovation and Adaptation: Stay updated with industry trends and technological advancements, integrating innovative techniques and solutions to enhance the game’s visuals.

5. Communication and Presentation
Visual Presentations : Prepare and present visual materials to stakeholders, including game directors, producers, and sometimes publishers, to communicate the artistic vision and progress. Understanding marketing initiatives, strategic positioning, and target audience.
• Feedback Integration: Listen to and integrate feedback from various sources, including playtesters, to improve the visual quality and player experience.

6. Team Leadership and Collaboration
Team Management: Lead and manage the art team, which may include concept artists, 3D modelers, texture artists, animators, and UI/UX designers.
• Interdepartmental Collaboration: Work closely with other departments such as design, programming, and marketing to ensure the visual direction supports gameplay mechanics, story, and overall user experience.

7. Mentorship and Development
Skill Development: Mentor and support the professional development of the art team, hiring, providing guidance, training, assigning tasks, and career development opportunities.
• Fostering Creativity: Create an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and artistic growth among team members.

🥊 Requirements:

1. Educational Background
Degree in Art or Related Field: A bachelor's degree in fine arts, graphic design, animation, game design, or a related field is often preferred. Advanced degrees can be beneficial but are not always necessary.
Specialized Training: Courses or certifications in game art, 3D modeling, digital painting, and other relevant areas can be advantageous.

2. Professional Experience
Industry Experience: Several years (often more than 8) of experience in the game industry, particularly in roles related to game art, such as concept artist, 3D modeler, texture artist, or animator.
• Leadership Experience: Proven experience in leading and managing a team of artists, including mentoring junior artists and managing art projects.

3. Technical Skills
Art Software Proficiency: Expertise in industry-standard software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), 3D modeling software (Maya, 3ds Max, Blender), and game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine).
Understanding of Game Development: Knowledge of the game development pipeline, including modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, and rendering.

Nice to have: Solid knowledge of video production, that can be used for UA and Marketing materials.

4. Industry Knowledge
Trends and Techniques: Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, tools, and techniques in game art and design.
Networking: Building connections within the industry through events, conferences, and online communities.

5. Creative Skills
Strong Artistic Ability: Exceptional skills in drawing, painting, and design, with a strong understanding of color theory, composition, and visual storytelling.
• Innovative Thinking: Ability to think creatively and develop unique visual styles and concepts that enhance the game's aesthetic and player experience.

6. Portfolio
• Impressive Portfolio: A strong portfolio showcasing a range of high-quality art, including story, character designs, environment art, concept art, and completed game projects. The portfolio should demonstrate versatility, creativity, and technical proficiency.

7. Soft Skills
Leadership and Team Management: Strong leadership skills, including the ability to inspire, motivate, and guide a team of artists. Effective delegation and conflict-resolution skills are also important.
• Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills for conveying artistic visions, providing constructive feedback, and collaborating with other departments.

Time Management: Ability to manage multiple projects, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

8. Personal Qualities
Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail to ensure high-quality and polished art assets.
Adaptability: Ability to adapt to new challenges and changes in project direction or requirements.

Passion for Gaming: A genuine passion for video games and a deep understanding of what makes a game visually appealing and engaging.

English: fluent.

Additional plus: An interest in boxing and martial arts + experience in creating combat games (combat/fighting games).

🥊 What do we offer?

🚀 Opportunity to grow competencies in a team of experienced professionals (seniors and industry experts!),

💻 Total flexibility on working on-site (office in Bydgoszcz) and remotely, as well as planning your daily work cycle (your working hours are actually up to you).

💡 Being a part of an independent team with as little beaurocracy and as much transparency as it’s possible,

🤝 Competitive stable salary adequate to experience,

🤸♂️ Other cool stuff that supports physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being like sports pay-offs, private medical care, and team integrations.

Recruitment flow for this specific position:

First interview + Test task + Technical interview.

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