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Job Description

The 3D Generalist Course at Technicolor Creative Studios is meticulously crafted to
prepare students for successful careers as modeling and texturing artists in the
dynamic VFX and Animation industries.
As you embark on this transformative journey, you'll seamlessly transition from
fundamental to advanced Maya modeling workflows, guided by engaging and
user-friendly video tutorials. The course ensures that you are well-prepared for your
initial role in production, with continuous support provided by industry professionals
and seasoned instructors.
This comprehensive 24-week course goes beyond the basics, offering a thorough
exploration that extends to the nuanced art of modeling and texturing done to
industry standards. By the end of the program, you will not only have acquired
essential technical expertise but also gained a deep understanding of the artistry
involved in asset creation, setting you on a path towards excellence in the world of
visual effects and animation.
What You'll Learn
• Industry-Standard Modeling Techniques
• Efficient UV Mapping and Texturing Workflows
• High-Quality Texture Creation
• Material Creation and Shader Development
• Character Modeling and Texturing
• Environment and Prop Modeling and Texturing
• Procedural Modeling Workflows
• Project-Based Learning and Industry Insights
Course Highlights
• Master the art of 3D modeling using industry-standard software such as Maya,
Mari, and Houdini, learning essential techniques for creating realistic
characters, props, and environments for VFX productions.
• Learn advanced texture creation techniques, including procedural texturing,
PBR (Physically Based Rendering) workflows, and photo-realistic texture
painting, to achieve stunning visual detail and realism in your models.
• Dive into material creation and shader development, understanding the
principles of shading networks, material properties, and shader customization
to achieve desired surface appearances and effects.

• Explore environment and prop modeling techniques, learning how to create
intricate architectural structures, natural landscapes, vehicles, and other
environmental elements that enhance storytelling in VFX productions.
Why Choose the 3D Generalist – The Mill Partnership Program?
Choosing to become a VFX modeling and texturing artist offers a pathway to
unleash creativity and contribute to immersive storytelling in films, games, and
beyond. With a versatile skill set blending technical proficiency and artistic talent,
artists shape the visual aesthetics of productions, creating realistic environments and
captivating characters. Abundant career opportunities, continuous learning, and
the satisfaction of bringing imaginative worlds to life make this career choice deeply
fulfilling for those passionate about digital artistry and storytelling.
Enroll now and start your journey towards a successful career as a 3D GENERALIST!


Recent graduates of bachelor’s in art, animation, game design and illustration. Other graduates with basic animation knowledge can also apply

Company Description

Technicolor Creative Academy is a virtual program preparing artists for their journey through the world’s top visual effects studios through intensive training.

Our virtual courses prepare you for a career in visual effects by working with industry experts on your creative, technical, procedural, and soft skills. They also provide a great opportunity to gain experience and expertise to build upon as you progress in your career.

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