ゲームプランナー Senior Game Planner 游戏策划(玩法)

LightSpeed Studios
Japan-Tokyo-Business Tower Japan
29 days ago
Responsibilities: Lightspeed Studios are one of the world’s most innovative and successful game developers. We are expanding across China, the United States, Singapore, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand. Founded in 2008, LightSpeed Studios has created over 50 games across multiple platforms and genres for more than 4 billion registered users. It is the co-developer of worldwide hits PUBG MOBILE. -Our Vision: To Create the LIGHTSPEED Universe, the ecosystem that connects players and developers around the world. -Our Mission: To explore the future of gaming with true passion for games. -Our Slogan: the future of gaming with true passion for games. 1. 日本のIPタイトル・海外のIPタイトルとのコラボをサポートしていただきます。Unreal Engine 5を使い、コラボを実現させ、オリジナルティーのあるプレイ方法とシステムを考えていただきます; 2. 開発者とプレイヤーの二重視点から、UGCツールの開発と改善に参加していただきます(例えば:プレイ方法、知能のあるNPC、UGCツールのデザインと実現、など); 3. UEエンジンを使い、プレイモデル・キャラクターの動き・マップ・AIなど、ゲームに関連する内容を制作していただきます; 4. テクニカルアーティストとエンジンツールエンジニアと協力し、ゲーム内テクニカルスキルの編集ツールを開発・改善していただきます;さらに開発に必要なスキル基準を整理し、メンバーに伝えていただきます。 1. Cooperate with Japanese or global IP,promote the implementation of IP-related creative gameplay or systems based on UE5; 2.Participate in the development and improvement of UGC tools from the standpoint of developers and users (for example: game play, smart NPC, design and implementation of UGC tools); 3.Be able to proficiently use UE5 to produce contents that are linked with game contents, such as gameplay prototype,character movement,scenes of map,AI,etc. 4.Partner with technical art and engine developer to develop and optimize technical editing tools;organize, output, and establish technical standards and specifications for content development. 1. 针对日本或海外IP合作,基于UE5引擎代码框架在项目中落地关联IP,有创意的玩法或系统; 2. 能从开发者和使用者的双重角度参与UGC工具的开发和完善(例如:游戏玩法、智能NPC、建造UGC工具的设计、落地); 3. 熟练运用UE引擎,进行玩法原型、人物动作、地图场景、AI等,与游戏内容相关联的内容制作; 4. 与技术美术和引擎工具程序合作,开展游戏内技术编辑工具的开发和优化;整理、输出、建立内容开发的技术标准、规范。 Requirements: 1. 两年以上のゲーム企画経験、大型ゲームの制作に参加したことがある方; 2. ゲーム開発ツールに触れることがあり、クエストデザイン・システムデザイン経験がある方。UEに詳しい、ブループリントが使える方; 3. 任意のUGCツールあるいはエディタが使える方なら、なお望ましいです。例えばRoblox,Fortnite,csgo-hammer、war3エディタ、Dota2エディタなど; 4. 一人でゲームプロトタイプをデザイン・実現できる方;テクニカルに詳しい・コミュニケーション力が高い方; 5. 日本語・英語ができる方。ビジネルレベルならなお望ましいです。 1. More than two years of experience as game planner, with experience in large-scale game projects; 2. Participated in game editor design, level design or system design. Familiar with the UE engine and using blueprints; 3. Be able to proficiently use one or multiple user-oriented game editor(s) is preferred, such as Roblox, Fortnite, csgo-hammer, war3 editor, Dota2 editor, etc.; 4. Be able to independently complete the design and implementation of game prototype; have a deep understanding of technology and good communication skills 5. Proficiency in Japanese or English, which can be used as working language, is preferred. 1. 两年以上游戏策划工作经验,有大型游戏项目经历; 2. 参与过游戏编辑器、关卡或系统设计。熟悉UE引擎,熟练使用蓝图; 3. 能独立完成游戏原型功能设计和实现;技术理解力强,善沟通; 4. 熟练日语、英语使用,可作为工作语言优先。 5. 熟练使用任何一款UGC工具或者编辑器优先,如Roblox,Fortnite,csgo-hammer、war3编辑器、Dota2编辑器等; LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is a leading global game developer, with teams across China, United States, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates. LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS has created over 50 games across multiple platforms and genres for more than 4 billion registered users. It is the co-developer of worldwide hit PUBG MOBILE(co-developed with KRAFTON, Inc.). LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is made up of passionate players who advance the art & science of game development through great stories, great gameplay, and advanced technology. We are focused on bringing next generation experiences to gamers who want to enjoy them anywhere, anytime, across multiple genres and devices. Create Your Profile — Game companies can contact you with their relevant job openings.

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