Freelance Wordpress Developer

15 days ago


Trying to be part of the next great online game? That’s what we do.

At Arkadium, our unique combination of game development and AI helps publishers increase engagement and revenue, empowers brands to build deeper connections with consumers, and gives users a reason to play and be inspired.

With offices in New York City and Russia, we employ an approach to business that emphasizes positivity and efficiency in equal parts. Our founders, Jessica Rovello and Kenny Rosenblatt, have led the company for nearly 20 years with an entrepreneurial mindset that trickles down to all facets of our offices. Arkadium has been recognized as a top-rated workplace – both locally and nationally – by Crain’s, Inc, Forbes, Digiday, Ad Age and others.

As a company that sells fun, we think it’s important to have fun. Our core values – fierce drive, positive energy and living a full life – are the motivation behind everything we do. We’re innovative, dynamic and dedicated to creating great games – while never losing sight of those values.


Arkadium is seeking an experienced Freelance Wordpress Developer to maintain the corporate site:


  • Develop and update
  • Add/update articles
  • Manage plugins
  • Requirements


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