VFX Artist

Compulsion Games
Westmount Quebec
12 days ago

Job Description: VFX Artist

Department: Art

~ The Studio

Compulsion Games is a first-party game studio and subsidiary of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, located in Montreal, Canada.

As a boutique team of industry veterans, we trust and respect each other, with shared love and passion for our craft. Our games have won praise for their art, music, world-building and engaging narratives and we are now excited to be working on our next major project, which we can’t say too much about just yet.

You may have noticed we take on troublesome themes and create characters with compelling, human flaws. Our story-telling typically has a healthy dose of darkness and comedy thrown in for good measure.

~ The Role

We are looking for a Senior VFX Artist who can help us deliver visually impressive moments that positively influence gameplay and improve the player experience.

~ The Person

We’d like you to have at least 2 to 3 years of experience in the games industry, preferably working with PC and/or Console Games and we expect you to have shipped at least 1 to 2 high-quality games in your current or recent position. With this exposure, we expect you to understand the fundamental principles of working in a diverse and multi-disciplinary team and the life-cycle of a successful project.

Specific Role Requirements:

  • A portfolio that demonstrates high proficiency in VFX development showing artistic and technical skills, and fundamentals like timing, shape language, scale, and color theory.
  • Professional experience as a real-time VFX artist in video games having seen multiple projects through various stages of development.
  • Good understanding of node-based material editors.
  • Proficient at using 2D and 3D art packages for game-ready VFX creation.
  • Experience working in art, animation, lighting, technical art, or related experience within a game development environment is valuable.

~ Our Culture

Compulsion Games is a quality-led studio with a humble team, that enjoys experimenting with an artistic approach to making games. We like to hire people who are drawn to our core values of trust, autonomy, harmony and craftsmanship; living up to those values and sharing our vision.

The team is passionately committed to championing both diversity and accessibility for our people and our players; a consistent value throughout the Xbox Game Studios group. Therefore a core part of our hiring process is ensuring new hires are well-aligned in order to build a harmonious team and company. We care deeply about our team and their wellbeing, so you’d be joining a close-knit group who are creative, inclusive and care about developing one another.

This is a full-time position, with full salary and studio benefits based in our new Downtown location, by Atwater Metro station. Since Covid-19, we have shifted the studio to a hybrid, or full-time remote working setup for employees, providing you are already based in or willing to relocate to Canada.

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