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Technical Operation Coordinator

Chengdu, China
3 months ago


Job Description

Purpose of the Position

As the Technical Operation Coordinator, you will work closely with game and tools developers across studios to ensure proper functioning of various servers, tools, and processes, thus maintaining maximum availability and quality of the game’s online ecosystem. Your main responsibility includes continuous deployment, live monitoring, online services configuration, incident management, and live operation coordination.

Job Responsibilities

- Communicate regularly to be up-to-date with the live teams across different studios

- Manage and maintain continuous deployment pipeline and tools for online micro services, game servers and game client

- Manage and maintain the live monitoring system for online micro services and game servers

- Collaborate with development teams to manage and maintain all the online services, process, tools and game servers

- Communicate with development and operation teams across different studios and third party partners to troubleshoot and resolve all the incident of the game’s online services.

- Maintain documentation regarding configurations, operations, and troubleshooting procedures


- 跨工作室沟通及协调

- 管理及维护游戏各个网络服务,服务器及客户端的持续性部署流程

- 管理及维护游戏网络服务及服务器端的监控

- 与开发团队合作,共同搭建,配置,并维护游戏的所有网络服务,流程,工具以及服务器

- 与其他工作室及其他第三方合作伙伴的开发及运营团队合作沟通,解决游戏网络层面的问题及突发事件

- 建立并维护所有配置,操作,以及故常排除的相关文档



General Skills

- Analytical, synthesis, and problem-solving skills

- Sense of initiative, and attention to detail

- Demonstrate flexibility in the planning of tasks

- Autonomy and Ability to work as part of a team

- Ability to adapt to change

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills

- Strong English read, write and speaking skills

Relevant Experience

- Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent

- 2+ years of production / project coordination experience

- 2+ years of experience in systems administration in a large environment with different kind of servers

- Experience in Linux and Windows system administration

- Knowledge of Internet technologies and concepts such as DNS, routing protocols, firewalls, proxies, TCP, HTTP, etc

- Knowledge of source control management tools like Perforce, Git, SVN, etc

- Ability to use or manage a wide variety of open source technologies, databases, tools, and cloud services

- Knowledge of cloud infrastructures like AWS, Google, Azure or AlibabaCloud is a plus

- Awareness of new technologies and trends (like containers) is a plus



- 有分析,综合,解决问题能力

- 有主动意识,注重细节

- 在任务规划时有较强灵活性

- 自主能力强,并有团队意识

- 有适应变化的能力

- 优秀的人际关系能力和沟通技巧

- 精通英语听说读写


- 计算机科学,软件工程或类似专业的本科学历

- 2年以上项目管理或协调工作经验

- 2年以上多个大型服务器环境的系统管理经验

- Linux和Windows系统管理经验

- 熟悉网络技术和概念,如DNS,路由协议,防火墙,代理,TCP,HTTP等

- 了解版本管理软件,如Perforce,Git,SVN等

- 能够使用和管理各种开源技术,数据库,工具及云服务

- 了解AWS,Google,Azure,阿里云等云服务技术更佳

- 了解Docker等容器更佳

Additional Information

Good to know
As we aim to build a team who continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible within game development (and because we love to learn and grow from the people around us), we might ask you to do a practical test as a part of the recruitment process.

We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you.

Company Description

Company Description

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