Technical Artist - Japan

Keyword Studios
Izumi Tokyo Japan
8 days ago

A Keywords Studio, Wizcorp, is looking for a technical artist (designer) to work on a project for next generation game consoles. Depending on your background, skills and experience, we will introduce you to the best possible position within our team.

This is a chance to be active worldwide as an artist of our group company, which has bases in 21 countries around the world. Your own experience and skills will be enriched by coming into contact with various styles of art from around the world and being involved in production.

Business content 🎮📆🕹

You will be involved in the work of providing technical support for art production in game development.

The specific tasks are as follows.

Selection flow 🈸⚙️😊

① Document screening and online screening

We will review all applicants' resumes within two weeks and if your profile matches our requirements, we will send you a test and assignment. Based on the results, we will contact you again and adjust the schedule for the first interview.


We will conduct three rounds of interviews to ask about your personality, passions, skills, and interest in our work. In addition, in order to share our vision and values, we will spend time on each person and carefully proceed with the interview. It is an interview to understand each other.

③ Offer

After the final interview, we will announce the final result within 2 weeks, and if you are accepted, we will send you an offer including details such as work content and salary.


⭐ Necessary conditions ⭐

👍 Welcome conditions 👍


📍 Work location and hours 📍

⏲ Flextime system

Everyone uses their creative time differently, and you know best what works best for you.

You will work from Monday to Friday, with a core time of 11:00 to 16:00, and work 8 hours per day (excluding 1 hour break). I will leave the allocation of time other than core time to you.

🌎 Flexible place to work

Wizcorp is fully remote working, with most of our employees working from home. Of course, you can also work in the office if necessary, and you can use the conference room and desks with free addresses.

Office location:

Asahi Seimei Daitabashi Building 8-9F, 1-22-19 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0063 ( 🗺Map )

To work for Wizcorp, you must reside in Japan. We will also support you in obtaining a work visa. Depending on the situation, we may allow you to work outside of Japan only during the probationary period.

👷Employment form👷

full-time employee

💴 salary 💴

We are currently recruiting for the following positions.

Starting salaries for all new hires are based on experience and evaluation during interviews.

There will be a probationary period of 6 months after joining the company, but there will be no particular impact or change in salary during that period.

💹 Pay raises and bonuses 💹

🈷️ Benefits 🈷️

♨️ ️Holiday/Vacation ♨️

🤝 Benefits 🤝

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