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Technical Artist II

EA SPORTS Madden NFL is the best-selling sports property in U.S. Video game history. Madden NFL is an immersive, simulation-based, authentic NFL interactive experience, empowering fans to play out their NFL fantasy of winning the Super Bowl (and much more). Madden NFL has entertained fans over three decades with more than 130 million lifetime units sold.

Madden NFL is developed at EA’s Tiburon Studio in Maitland, FL, and Madrid, Spain by a team that prides itself on innovation and creative collaboration. We are looking for talent with a passion for sports to create experiences that connect with millions of football fans around the world to grow the love of the sport.

Role Overview

The Technical Artist (TA) is a bridge between the artists and programmers. They ensure art content can be smoothly integrated into a game without sacrificing the artistic vision or exceeding technical limitations. The Technical Artist reporting to the Technical Art Director and Development Director, and will coordinate with the other programmers and designers on the team.

The responsibilities of Technical Artists include setting up and maintaining the art production workflow, making decisions on art packages and tools, research\implementation of new production techniques, the implementation of custom tools to improve workflow efficiency, provide feedback and debugging of complex assets.

The Technical Artist typically works removed from the direct creation of game art assets, setting up systems of production and solving problems as they arise. The Technical Artist is required to keep up-to-date on changes in technology, on console hardware, art packages, and new techniques.


What skills does EA look for?

Technical Artists II, are expected to have 3+ years of experience, involving both art and programming experience. A Technical Artist can come from either background.

You have a detailed knowledge of multiple industry-standard art packages. The use of scripting languages is required, as is an understanding of the limitations of console hardware. Experience in film and television is welcomed, where the experience of high-end rendering techniques or complex animation are useful skills.

You will show technical proficiency in areas such as lighting and rendering, texturing, and graphics-related programming languages. You also have knowledge of art packages ranging from modeling to texturing and special effects and can customize them to refine workflows for specific projects.

Most Technical Artists will have a degree in a relevant visual art or technical subject; however, the most important prerequisite is; experience working with art tools and game hardware on multiple projects.

Skills and Experience


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