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Staff Engineer

New York City, NY
1 year ago


We are looking for a staff engineer to join our team and help us create, maintain, and scale our backend stack.

Working at Dots

At Dots we are broad. Our games are beautifully executed from a graphic design, game design, and technological perspective. Our aim is to create experiences that do the little things extremely well. This results in a minimalist experience that has all the things you need and love, but none of the things you don’t. At Dots this approach is present in all verticals, and engineering is no exception. This is particularly true of any backend engineering position.

Key Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a staff engineer on the backend team will touch many parts of the business, from creation of game services to iteration on our custom continuous integrations system, to optimization of our experimentation system, to the creation of tools that aid all other parts of the company. We love to create tools and services that delight our players AND our colleagues alike. We do this by having a solid roadmap of features, products, and tools that have the largest impact, implementing the minimal “lovable” offering, and iterating on that offering as need and usage increases. By approaching our workload in this way, we pay attention to what matters most, and are able to create real, discernible impact immediately.

Our Roadmap

Below are some of the things on the roadmap. As a part of the backend engineering team, you will be responsible for creation and maintenance of these systems, and more! If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love to have a chat and see if you are the right fit.

A Staff Engineer at Dots has the following criteria

Technical Skills

Code Quality

Software Design






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