Sr. VFX Artist - R&D Office (Shanghai)

Riot Games
Shanghai, China
20 days ago

Riot Games was established in 2006 by entrepreneurial gamers who believe that player-focused game development can result in great games. We released League of Legends in 2009 which has since become the most played PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of Esports. With the release of Valorant, LoL: Wild Rift, Team-fight Tactics & Legends of Runeterra, Riot has now transformed into a multi-game studio, expanding our footprint in Asia and internationally in order to develop new games that can hyper-serve players globally.

拳头公司成立于 2006 年,负责开发,发行,以及支持全球玩家凝聚力最紧密的游戏。2009 年,我们推出了自己的第一款游戏 《英雄联盟》,赢得了全世界的广泛赞誉,此后这款游戏成为世界上玩得最多的PC游戏,并成为电竞爆炸性增长的关键驱动力。

随着《英雄联盟》步入第二个十年,我们也会继续向前迈进,通过云顶之弈Legends of RuneterraVALORANTLeague of Legends: Wild Rift以及多款制作中的作品,为玩家提供全新的游戏体验,同时借助横跨音乐、漫画书、电视和即将推出的动画剧集Arcane等多媒体项目探索符文之地的世界。


As the first member of the VFX Team on a Research & Development project based in Shanghai, you will work closely with Art & Product leadership as well as other members of the team to develop early game prototypes that define the promise of our game thesis, building organizational confidence in our R&D project & facilitating efficient progress through the R&D development cycle through to global launch.


As a Senior VFX Artist you will be responsible for all aspects of VFX development, leading with hands-on craft skills, feedback-driven style of development, creative problem solving that prioritizes gameplay and player experience as well as fast, iterative style of working based on goals and timelines set by Art & Product Leadership. Collaborating closely with Designers, creatives, artists and other members of the team, you will explore and define innovative style and production techniques for the VFX of the game, as well as fine-tuning the impact and feel of our gameplay. You will also be counted on to set a high-bar for VFX style, helping to create Art Slice prototype for gameplay validation and player-testing, surfacing development challenges and project needs in order to help us consider future staffing as well as outsource and contractor solutions.

作为一名高级视觉特效艺术家(Senior VFX Artist),您将负责VFX开发的各个方面,根据美术和产品领导层设定的目标和时间表,采取实操和管理并行的工作方式,反馈驱动、快速迭代的开发风格;优先考虑游戏玩法和玩家体验,创造性地解决问题。您将与策划、创意、美术和团队其他成员密切合作,探索和定义游戏VFX的创新风格和制作技术,并微调我们对游戏玩法的影响和感觉。我们期待您为VFX风格设定高标准,帮助创建用于游戏验证和玩家测试的美术切片(Art Slice)原型,提出开发挑战和项目需求,以帮助我们考虑未来的人员配置以及外包和承包商解决方案。



Required Qualifications:


When submitting your application, please provide a portfolio of your high-quality VFX art - including stylized artwork. With samples of where you have created VFX concept art and taken it through to finished implementation. And as a part of the application process, you may also be asked to complete an art test.

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