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Software Engineer

Electronic Arts
Bucharest 061344 Romania
4 months ago


DevOps Software Engineer – Development and Release Engineering

We are EA!
And we make games – how cool is that? In fact, we entertain millions of people across the globe with the most amazing and immersive interactive software in the industry. But making games is hard work. That’s why we employ the most creative, passionate people in the industry.

About Development and Release Engineering Team

Ever wondered how dozens of people work collaboratively and simultaneously to develop a complex game? In EA this is facilitated by us, the Development and Release Engineering (DRE) team. Our domain is at the intersection of DevOps, Release Management, Build Engineering, and Production Support. We run services that empower development teams around the world. We enable EA to ship great games.
We develop and run Continuous Integration (CI) systems to provide fast and reliable automated feedback on the production readiness of a game every time there’s a change in any part of the system (code, art, audio or production infrastructure). We are EA’ subject matter experts when it comes to Automated Builds and Smoke Testing. Our systems are producing tons of metrics and the builds that end up on players’ PC/console/mobile. We are the superusers of Perforce and git and consultants for the Release strategy. We write our own technology when we have to, but we prefer using well-known open source software.
People come to us with complex loosely-defined problems and ask us to turn them into solutions. Sometimes this means we’re collaborating on problems outside our knowledge area, which requires us to learn new things quickly and thrive in ambiguity. Good communication skills are important as interaction with the development teams is key to secure a high-quality service.

We’re a small team with a great deal of responsibility, which means you’ll learn new technologies and join us as being domain experts in new areas.

You will have the opportunity to:
• Interact and experiment with diverse technologies.
• Exercise and develop your problem-solving skills.
• Have exposure into multiple game projects simultaneously.
• Engage with game titles across a variety of platforms (PCs, consoles, mobile devices).
• Experience a distributed work environment.
• Inject fresh ideas and bring innovations in our tech stack.

What tech are we using?

Although it is not required to have experience in all our tech, candidates often find it helpful to know what we are using. This is not an exhaustive list and this changes over time as we find better solutions.
• Windows 10, CentOS
• Jenkins CI
• Perforce, git, GitLab
• vSphere / VMware
• Groovy, Python, C#, C++, Java
• batch/shell scripting, PowerShell
• Chef, Ansible, Packer
• Elasticsearch, Kibana, Splunk, SQL
• Docker, Kubernetes, AWS

Key duties and responsibilities:
• Setup, optimize, monitor and troubleshoot automation farm for builds and tests, developing build scripts, installation procedures, configuring orchestration jobs.
• Look into the future on how to evolve our automation pipeline, using concepts like Infrastructure as Code and Advanced Virtualization.
• Design, develop and maintain tools for our automation processes.
• Prioritize a variety of tasks, ensuring customers are informed of the status of their requests.

Required skills:
• Experience of batch/shell scripting and scripting languages
• Experience writing and debugging in C# or Java
• Experience with version control systems (Perforce, Git)
• A broad base of general knowledge and interest on multiple disciplines within software development and practices
• Analytical and problem-solving skills
• Ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts, principles and solutions
• Great communications skills
• Excellent spoken and written English

Desired Skills:
• Experience with Jenkins automation server
• Experience with Python or Groovy
• Experience with databases (MS SQL, MySQL) or other data management engines (Elasticsearch, Splunk, MongoDB)
• Ability to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in highly complex systems including network, OS or hardware
• Interest and knowledge of agile methodologies
• Working knowledge in Linux

We Thought You Might Also Want to Know:
• Where we are located? Afi Park 2, Vasile Milea no 4F
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