Senior Scala Developer

Reality Games
Krakow, Poland
16 days ago


About Reality

Please watch video about our latest product:

Few major details about us:

We are a self-publishing company - which means that we are fully responsible for every aspect of the games we create. There is no client, publisher, or anybody outside of the team who will be making decisions. We don't have investors. We have built our company of 60 people purely on the revenue from our games. Our plan is to take our company to the stock market.

20% of the company shares are allocated to the ESOP, so every key team member will have a chance to be a millionaire if we succeed with our next growth phase.

We have the uncommon first-mover advantage. We have huge experience in geo-location games, launching two successful games in the past 5 years (Landlord Tycoon -12M organic downloads, $10M revenue, Landlord GO 1M downloads, $1,2M revenue in past 3 months). This is a solid foundation for our next phase – paid growth.

We want you to raise the bar. We understand by this sourcing only the top-talent with great experience in critical areas, we will lift our company to great heights.

We believe that great companies are built and driven by great people.

If this sounds interesting to you, send your application today!Responsible for ensuring a product or service meets the established standards of quality including reliability, usability and performance. You have experience and a great knowledge about testing strategies and know which to choose when.

You will be part of a backend team which develops solutions for one of our games and is responsible for them end-to-end. Together with game designers and product owners you will discuss, set priorities and decide about new features. All technology choices are available at your disposal, as long as they work and have been consulted with other team members.

Most of our services are implemented in Scala with heavy focus on functional programming. We deploy them to Kubernetes. We use Kafka as event streaming platform.





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