Senior Manager of Data and Analytics

Electronic Arts
Redwood City California United States
2 months ago


We are hiring a Senior Manager of Data and Analytics for our Mobile portfolio to build and lead a team of analysts and data scientists that will expand and empower Data across our mobile brands. In this role, you will be a key influence in shaping the future of games in some of our most beloved brands, including Plants Vs Zombies, The Sims, and even various Star Wars IPs.

Given the ubiquity of data, it’s essential that our organization have the most state of the art information, insights, and data products available at any point in time, and that will be a significant part of the remit of the team that you will be charged with building. Part unifying cross portfolio data and insights and part boundary pushing data product development, success in this position will require an entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative attitude, working across studios to understand foundational insights needs, building out a successful roadmap to address them, and executing on it.

This is a leadership role with high visibility and your success will be predicated on the larger success of the studios that you are supporting. You will be the point person for central and studio leadership alike, a source of truth and objectivity. Your ability to listen and reframe, to filter out the noise and pinpoint the core of a problem, and to focus resources against those issues while also communicating at the highest levels in a transparent and explanatory way will be the primary key to empowering your partners. Data has changed how we operate as a society and it’s beholden to data leaders to help others understand and see how that will affect our future. We need to move beyond seeing those that sit close to it as the sole consumers of data and understand that everyone in the company should and will be end-users, and in this position, you will be part of the group responsible for setting up and acting on that vision for the company.

Analytics is not viewed as a service, but rather as a partner with an equal seat at the table, therefore a role of this importance Is expected to push beyond a traditional analytics remit; you bring the quantitative perspective but you will need to collaborate extensively with your creative teammates in Product and Design. Being able to manage the short-term priorities and analysis of your team while still focusing on the long-term vision for the game and how these short-term pushes affect them is imperative; to bridge the gap between the creative side of game design and the hard math of live-services, you will need to understand both sides of that coin.

Games and gaming are changing. Over the next few years, that change is going to accelerate and without the proper knowledge and toolsets to exploit this, many developers will struggle to keep up with it. Our job on this team is to ensure that our studios are equipped with as much insight and clarity as possible to not only keep pace but become the shapers of that evolution, to help EA lead into the future. We find that exciting and we hope that you do, too.

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