Senior Graphics Programmer

Bellevue, Washington, United States
9 days ago



We are ArenaNet, a studio making online worlds infused with innovation, handcrafted excellence, and creative passion. Our passion is broadly shared; gamers made Guild Wars 2 the fastest selling MMO game in the West with more than 3 million copies sold in its first 9 months, and players and press have consistently called it one of the best MMOs of all time.

Our studio is built on foundations of excellence with a focus on community. We constantly innovate, unlocking the true potential of online role-playing with game-changing titles like Guild Wars 2 and beyond. The status quo is not good enough for our dedicated worldwide community of players, which is why we question the de facto industry conventions and demand more from ourselves as developers.


We are looking for a programmer to explore forward-thinking approaches to graphics rendering. Are you are interested in practical applications for light-transport simulations? Would you enjoy providing the technical expertise and creative problem-solving necessary to create spectacular visual effects, alongside a world-class team of artists? Do you see light shows or natural phenomena and ponder how to recreate them on screen at high framerates? If any of these things sound appealing, we would love to hear from you!


The Engineering team at ArenaNet thrives on a wide array of perspectives, experiences, and interests. We know that the best creations come from healthy and friendly teams. Our work is woven together with the efforts of other disciplines and crafts within game development. We seek out voices and ideas that might be new to us. We are always on the lookout for ways to help each other, both within the Engineering team, and throughout the studio as a whole.

You’ll need to be very comfortable in C++, and willing to work on long-term architecture and design for realtime graphics rendering systems. Additionally, we will be asking you to be involved in major decision-making around graphics technologies – whether they are proprietary, licensed from other providers, or a combination of the two. It will be essential for you to work closely alongside artists and other engineers to find approaches and strategies that will be effective for a large team of game developers over many years. ArenaNet is committed to celebrating and nurturing our staff, along with our wide variety of perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas, so you'll need to be willing to engage and collaborate with a range of other team members within the studio, as well as uphold our collective values.

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