Rigging Supervisor

Culver City, CA
18 days ago

Blur is seeking a Rigging Supervisor to head up the smooth running of the Rigging Pipeline and Rigging Department. This studio leader will work closely with the Animation, Modeling, CG Supervisors, Producers, and artists to deliver high-quality assets within schedule. They will develop and maintain the tools and workflow inside the department, integrate third-party technologies, manage the team, develop lead artist roles and thoughtfully delegate responsibility. This manager will be responsible for communicating efficiently with all parties about technical and artistic challenges, providing bids, and helping to schedule work. The Rigging Supervisor will also represent Blur's Rigging capabilities both technically and creatively in-studio meetings and reviews.


-Creates and maintains a strong, reliable, efficient Rigging pipeline

-Works closely with leads and supervisors regarding technical issues and general workflow

-Makes technical decisions on behalf of the department

-Defines workflow, methodology, and techniques

-Designs and develops new tools to improve efficiency and quality

-Manages the other members of the Rigging Department by assigning all tasks, reviewing all work, and providing technical support and feedback as needed

-Works with the Rigging team to ensure the work quality reaches studio expectations both technically and artistically

-Regularly works with the tools being used by the department and helps with production work when workload allows

-Works with producers to define schedules and provide bids

-Defines, plans and organizes training and mentorship of less experienced artists

-Develops a deep understanding of the studio pipeline, works within it, and ensures that the artists are doing the same

-Meets regularly with department leads that interact with the Rigging Department to identify and troubleshoot inefficiencies or technical problems with the toolset and pipeline, and put in a place a plan of action to resolve such issues


-5+ years rigging experience using Maya for game, commercial, or feature film productions

-2+ years experience in leading project teams and/or dept teams using on game, commercial, or feature film productions

-Extensive experience in CG or VFX leadership using strong understanding of anatomy, skeletal/muscle structure, facial expressions, and character/creature motion

-Excellent knowledge of Rigging and Animation principles, including high quality deformations, and rig control systems.

-General understanding of CG Character development creation and workflows

-Excellent problem solving skills

-Strong knowledge of tool development using Python and Qt inside Maya

-Ability to review other artists' work and ensure a high standard both artistically and technically

-Ability to successfully delegate, mentor, and manage people and projects

-Comfort managing teams, (including interviewing, scheduling, and mentoring artists)

-Strong sense of team dynamics and positive morale generating style

-Excellent organization, communication and interpersonal skills


-Knowledge of Python, Qt, DCC APIs, Git, CI, C++, Windows, Linux.

-Prior experience working on Shotgun or other Production/Asset Management Systems

-Experience managing software, pipeline, and/or technology teams


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