Release & Build Specialist 配置管理工程师

Chengdu Sichuan cn
15 days ago


Job Description

Your role

As the Release & Build Specialist you will provide solutions that allow production teams to optimize efficiency and minimize risk during development in order to let them concentrate on bringing high-quality games to players.

What you will do

- Work involve in all the game projects on PC, Xbox, PS platforms

- Set up and maintain the Continuous Integration pipeline for game version

- Set up and maintain different access policies

- Manage production assets and code (i.e. Perforce and Network Attached Storage)

- Administrate the build farm (build machines)

- Develop scripts or applications to implement repetitive tasks automatically and improve productivity.

- Support any problem in working environment (i.e. access, network, tool, service, configuration) for production team

- Investigate tools from both internal and external of Ubisoft. Reuse the existed tools or modules with high priority to implement solution


- 参与到各类平台(PC,Xbox,PS)游戏项目中

- 搭建和维护游戏版本持续集成流程

- 建立并维护不同的数据权限政策。

- 管理开发资源及代码(源代码管理工具,储存空间网络等)

- 管理Build Farm

- 自动化各种流程以优化生产效率

- 为各个项目解决工作环境中出现的各种问题,如权限,网络,工具,服务器,配置等

- 研究公司内部和外部的工具,优先重用已有的工具或模块来实现解决方案


What you should be equipped with

- Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or other related majors

- 2 years + experience in at least one major source control (Perforce, Git, SVN);

- 2 years + experience with at least one major CI tool (QuickBuild, TeamCity, Jenkins, CruiseControl.NE);

- 2 years + experience with some scripting language (Groovy, Python, batch files, shell);

- Able to analyze and evaluate risks while proposing solutions.

- Knowledge of bug tracking, sprint planning, and wiki software.

- Not only able to work independently, but also work with team.

- Good Chinese & English communication ability.


- 计算机科学,软件工程或相关专业的本科学历

- 2年以上至少一种源代码管理工具使用经验(Perforce,Git,SVN等)

- 2年以上至少一种脚本语言开发经验。(Groovy, Python, Batch files, Shell等)

- 2年以上至少一种持续集成工具使用经验。(Quick Build, Teamcity, Jenkins, CruiseControl.NET等)

- 能够在提出解决方案的同时分析和评估风险

- 了解bug的跟踪,sprint计划和wiki 软件

- 能独立工作,也能很好地开展团队合作

- 善于思考和不断的改进工作方式,帮助团队发展

- 良好的中英文沟通能力

Company Description

Established in 2008, Ubisoft Chengdu is one of the key game studios in western China and a full-fledged production center, with over 320 talents contributing to Ubisoft’s line-up. We have a strong track record of co-development on Ubisoft’s biggest brands such as Assassin’s Creed®, Skull and Bones™ and For Honor®, as well as developing casual games such as Rabbids party game and bringing hit titles to Switch.

Meanwhile, we are also a pioneer in cutting-edge technology driving Ubisoft’s “games as a service (GAAS)” ethos. Chengdu’s technology team develops products that empower production teams to make educated, data-driven decisions on hit Ubisoft brands.

To find out more, please visit our website: or our WeChat account (UBISOFT育碧or 育碧招聘).


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