R&D Programmer Assistant - Learning distributions of policies: Application to bots that behave like humans – La Forge (6 months internship)

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Job Description

Creating effective AI-controlled bots in video games remains an ongoing challenge. The conventional approach involves manually specifying a behavior tree that outlines the bot's actions and the conditions dictating transitions between behaviors. However, this method is labor-intensive and constrained by the behaviors we can pre-code. Consequently, there is a growing enthusiasm for leveraging AI techniques to streamline and enhance the process of bot creation

Reinforcement Learning is primarily concerned with creating algorithms that enable agents to autonomously acquire behaviors. The typical goal is to uncover an optimal policy that can address specific tasks, often defined by a reward function. Consequently, RL is well-suited for training bots to excel at well-defined objectives in video games, such as optimizing navigation speed, combat tactics, or target shooting.

However, it's important to note that the outcomes achieved through these techniques, while optimal, can sometimes yield behaviors that are highly artificial or lack credibility. In practice, we don't always want bots to be simply the best at a particular task; we desire them to exhibit a range of behaviors similar to human players, reflecting variety and adaptability

The primary aim of this internship is to develop novel algorithms that shift the focus from learning a single optimal policy to acquiring a distribution of policies, thereby capturing the diversity inherent in human behavior. This distribution will serve as a resource for game designers, enabling them to select

and incorporate a range of behaviors extracted from it into the game's bots or NPCs, enhancing the game's realism.

To extract this diversity of bot behaviors, we will leverage extensive datasets of player interactions. This approach recognizes that it is impractical to characterize the realism of behavior using a rigidly defined reward function. Instead, our developed models will rely on data-driven methods to discern what constitutes realism, allowing us to model a more authentic range of behaviors.


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