Quality Assurance Tester

Statespace Labs
Youngstown, OH
12 days ago

Who We Are

At Statespace we’re using cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and video games to revolutionize the way that humans improve.

Our first product (Aim Lab) is a personalized, AI-powered analytics and training platform for competitive gamers and Esports athletes. Aim Lab has well over a million users and the best user community in the whole wide world (we may be biased).

Our team consists of scientists, designers, engineers, and game industry vets coming together from places like NYU, MTV, NASA, Yale, Nintendo, and the NFL. We are well-funded and supported by some of the world’s best investors and entrepreneurs, including Khosla Ventures, FirstMark Capital, Lux Capital, Expa Capital, and WndrCo.

Our Culture

Weird. Non-traditional background. Underdog. Outcast. If people have used any of these words or phrases to describe you...welcome home. Kick-ass engineer or designer without a degree? Come join our team.

We hire talented, self-motivated people and get out of their way. We are based in NYC but have a remote work culture and are looking for exceptional people to join our team regardless of their physical location.

We value performance, not hours worked (or when you work them). We believe you shouldn’t have to miss your kid’s play or doctor’s appointment for the sake of adhering to an arbitrary work schedule.

However, if you are looking for a job where you are happy to just collect a nice paycheck and/or nap under your desk like George Costanza, we are not the right fit for you (we don’t even have desks).

The work we do is hard, and therefore, a key company goal is to mitigate needless obstacles that prevent our team members from accomplishing their goals. To that end, our vacation policy is “take it whenever you want to”, our PTO policy is “take it whenever you need to”. We offer very generous medical, dental, vision, and retirement plans.

The Quality Assurance Tester Role

Quality Assurance (QA) Testers are like the last line of defense before a game or update hits the masses, they look over new features and compare them with the intent of the designer to make sure they make sense and aren’t broken while also providing feedback as they are the first real users to experience the new game or update in its entirety and are responsible for increasing the quality of product by the time it gets into users hands. This role calls for creative minds and a good eye for detail to think outside the box and think of odd/unique steps a user may take that would ultimately break the game. You'll be testing all of our product lines and working closely with software engineering teams to look around corners to find problems and help remove bugs from our systems.

Key Responsibilities

Ideal Skills


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