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Physic programmer - internship 4 or 8 months

Montreal QC ca
7 months ago


Job Description

About La Forge

La Forge bridges academia and video game production, bringing together scholars and industry experts to facilitate technical prototyping based on the latest academic progress. Together, we explore subjects such as rendering, animation, AI, audio, and physics to tackle some of the biggest challenges in art and tech in gaming. Dedicated to innovation, we aim to accelerate research and development through prototyping to help content creators build increasingly believable worlds and better understand our players.


The incumbent will be responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating optimization techniques used in simulating dynamical systems.

The intern will be working on sampling-based optimization methods, modeling the nonlinear physical systems, specifically fluid simulation (smoke/fire).

The focus will be on numerical methods involving large sets of data and solving regression problems (machine learning).

The goal is to build and integrate a fast physics-based fluid simulation in video games with a satisfying level of physical plausibility.

What you'll do



University degree, Bachelors, Masters or PhD in at least of one of the following fields:

The knowledge of any of the following topics will make a strong candidate:


The intern needs to be familiar with at least one software package/language from each of the following two categories:

A. Python, Tensorflow, PyTorch (for implementing the optimization techniques);

B. C++, Shading Languages (HLSL, GLSL).


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