New Game Tester Volunteers Wanted

27 days ago

New Game Tester Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for passionate gamers to test and give feedback on forthcoming games created with HyperScale Engine technology. Experience with Games QA and Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games is a plus but not required.

This is an unpaid, fully remote and volunteer position, and requires access to a gaming PC with a good internet connection. You will have the chance to win rewards in cash, vouchers, in game currency or collectibles on a per game basis based on the game. We are looking for passionate volunteer game testers who want to get a first hand look into what it takes to develop cutting edge gaming technology.

In this role you’ll be receiving the newest builds of games created with cutting-edge technology, including Edge of Chaos (a medieval combat MMO developed by MetaGravity) and other HyperScale Partner games. Tests will generally be run via the official MetaGravity Discord Server and focus on large-scale PvP and PvE combat. Experienced testers may also have the opportunity to try out unreleased games and game modes, and experience scaling and fidelity never before seen in multiplayer gaming.



And Ideally:

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About MetaGravity

MetaGravity is a deep-technology startup headquartered in London which is solving the concurrency problem in distributed simulation to handle immense virtual worlds and games with dense player, AI and physics interactions. We are fully funded and have grown to over 60 employees over the last 12 months. Very rarely for a deep tech start-up we are earning significant revenues in our first year of operation.

Current game engines and game servers can handle a peak of ~100 players in a self-consistent “instance”. However, the next generation of online games and metaverse experiences demand much larger simulated realities beyond what is currently feasible — think, tens of thousands to millions of players and AI beings in a single instance. MetaGravity is solving this problem. We’re working from first principles to build distributed computing infrastructure that is limitless in its ability to scale, thus empowering creators to craft truly living, breathing worlds. We are also dog-fooding our tech by building our own mediaeval fantasy sandbox MMO game called Edge of Chaos, leveraging all of the potential of the MetaGravity infrastructure and blockchain platforms.

MetaGravity was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and long-term collaborators Rashid Mansoor (Chief Executive Officer) and Tobin Ireland (Chief Business Officer). Our team is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators with decades-long experience in distributed systems, supercomputing, decentralised infrastructure, game engine development and AAA game production. We are deeply committed to our cause, believe in its immense upside potential and embrace bold, first-principles thinking in our approach to problem-solving.

About HyperScale Engine

The HyperScale Engine addresses the struggles faced in existing multiplayer environments, which often cap out at a mere 100 concurrent players, or stumble when confronted with scalability barriers below 1000 concurrent players. We see The HyperScale Engine as a solution to the surging demand for larger scale multiplayer games and real-time experiences.

Unveiled at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco, The HyperScale Engine was showcased alongside esteemed partners such as Star Atlas, Wilderworld, and Earth2. The demos revealed thousands of players seamlessly engaging in massive multiplayer experiences with uncompromising visual fidelity in single shard worlds. The physics-driven gameplay and intricate interactions illustrated the immersive complexity now possible.

How to Apply

Please sign up via the link. You will be contacted at the email you provide with testing opportunities.

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