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Frisco Texas
6 days ago


Music Composer

This is a full-time, onsite, music composition position and requires an individual who is dedicated to excellence in musical construction. Our studio has a forward-looking perspective on interactive music and its role in creating powerful narrative experiences in our games. We are looking for someone who is passionate about multiple musical styles, is experimental in their methods, and is devoted to lifelong development of their musicianship and craftsmanship. Technical ability, narrative sensitivity, and musical flexibility are a must. The role will require the creation of musical assets as well as participation in the development and maintenance of music systems and scripting. Secondary duties might include working with producers for task management and scheduling.


· A strong portfolio that demonstrates musical diversity.

· Experience with recording.

· Experience with live performance.

· Experience with DAW and plugin software.

· Basic understanding of music theory, terminology, and form.

· Experience with interactive and/or non-linear music.

· A desire to work with a team in a collaborative environment.

· Good communication skills.

Not required, but we will be impressed by:

· Experience with Max/MSP, Pure Data, Csound, or similar software.

· Excellent performance skills in large or small ensembles.

· Previous experience in the video game industry.

· Familiarity with Wwise or Unreal.

· Percussionists, bass players, or performers of folk or non-western instruments.

· Experience with alternative tuning systems, nondeterministic music, or odd meters.

· A degree in music, art, engineering, or other creative / technical fields.

· Experience with designing instruments either acoustic or electronic.

· Experience with scripting in python, ruby, etc.

· Enthusiasm for exploring unfamiliar musical styles.

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