Motion Capture Tools Engineer

Petaluma, CA
6 days ago


Who We Are

We are 2K Mocap - a lean, efficient workhorse that produces motion capture, audio, and video assets for our developers and clients. We take great pride in our ability to capture, clean, solve, retarget, and deliver truly remarkable amounts of data at the highest quality. We love the art and technology of motion capture and have a lot of fun combined with a true team spirit.

We foster an environment based on honesty, integrity, and the ability to pick one another up. Succeeding together is the source of our strength.

What We Need

A dynamic individual dedicated to solving technical problems. 2k Mocap Tech is a small and agile team which covers a very broad area of knowledge. Recently we moved locations to a massive, 50,000 square foot stage with 3 separate volumes, one of the largest and most technically robust in the world, so you would be joining at a very exciting time. Our bread and butter is QT based Python programs for automation, but we also write C++ video tools, specific tools for various Autodesk software APIs, manage a MSSQL database, maintain a fleet of Audio/Video/Mocap hardware and software, and the list goes on.

As a tech team member, you will be ahead of the curve in not only the latest in Motion Capture technology, but also continuously expanding your knowledge of programing, audio/video production, automation technology, etc. We are also always researching the latest in Virtual production workflows, the newest tech for markerless facial tracking, best software development practices, etc. Needless to say, you will learn a lot from us, and we hope to learn a lot from you.

You will also work closely with our production, stage, and operations at 2k Mocap, ensuring that all hardware and software is functional and up to date.

MUST Qualifications

PREFERRED Qualifications


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