Motion Capture Stage Technician

2K Games
Novato, CA
8 days ago



What We Need:

2K Mocap is looking for an enthusiastic stage technician to join our Motion Capture team. We work closely with developers and artists to capture performance data, audio and video assets. We operate a state of the art system for capturing body and facial data for a range of AAA titles and are always looking for ways to test and implement new technology. We foster a professional environment based on integrity, collaboration, constructive motivation, efficiency, and problem solving. Every day brings different challenges. From performances of basketball, wrestling moves car chases, to mayhem fueled adventure; you will be in the midst of its capture.

What You Will Do:

You will learn from knowledgeable industry professionals how to operate our equipment and execute our pipelines with respect to body, audio and facial data. You will also contribute to the daily tasks of the performance capture process and daily upkeep of the studio including:

Who We Think Would Be a Great Fit:


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