Motion Capture Animator

14 days ago

Job Title: Motion Capture Animator

Who we are: We are 2K Mocap - a lean, efficient workhorse that produces motion capture, audio, and video assets for our developers and clients. We take great pride in our ability to capture, clean, solve, retarget, and deliver truly remarkable amounts of data at the highest quality. We love the art and technology of motion capture and have a lot of fun, combined with a true team spirit.

We foster an environment based on honesty, integrity, and the ability to pick one another up. Succeeding together is the source of our strength.

What we need: Do you have a keen eye for detail? Do you have a passion for storytelling and animation? We are looking for a sharp, patient, and detailed Animator with a passion for motion capture!

You will be primarily responsible for mocap data clean up in Vicon Shogun across all 2K Mocap projects. Additionally, according to your experience, you will contribute to and potentially lead small project groups for other aspects of our asset pipeline.

You will also work closely with our Postproduction managers, ensuring they have the mocap data they need for delivery to clients. This might also include collaboration with members of other teams here at Mocap (Stage, Production, Tech, etc.) to give you a well-rounded view of our pipeline.

Job Responsibilities Include:

Who we believe will be a phenomenal fit: You have a deep passion for performance and retaining motion fidelity.

You are experienced with using Vicon Shogun, or other Motion Capture cleaning software. You are comfortable with Autodesk Maya and Motion Builder as well as video players like VLC and MPC.

You stay focused and efficient in the face of mountains of data and tight turnaround times. Your detail-oriented personality, resourcefulness, and positive demeanor easily overcomes any tedium presented by repetitive tasks.

You take direction well, are receptive to critique, and can yourself provide insightful feedback. Appreciation for professional and constructive debate is vital.

Any additional skills, such as facial animation, motion capture cleaning and editing, and programming, we consider a definite plus.


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