Monetization Manager

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Job Description

What you will do:

Within the headquarters of our production studios, you will be joining the Editorial team, will be integrating the Live Revenues Strategy team, that is in charge of advising our production studios on the management of their additional revenues’ strategy. You will support the production studios throughout the different milestones of game development: from the design of their game economy, to the optimization of their additional content plan, as well as on the forecast and analysis of their revenue performance. You will act as the main point of contact and interface between monetization experts all across the organization to consolidate their needs and facilitate the sharing of best practices between entities.

More specifically, you will have the following responsibilities:

· 1/ Support our production studios in the construction of their long-term monetization strategy with respects to the core values of the game and the player experience. More particulary:

- Provide strategic guidance on global post-launch revenues strategy (DLC, Season Pass etc…);

- Organize workshops to help production studios in their economic design conception;

- Audit monetization systems in ongoing projects, in order to identify key critical points that will help production teams to improve player engagement and additional revenues;

- Collaborate with the production teams in the construction of their additional revenues roadmap and challenge their ambitions;

- Define and follow ARM (Acquisition, Retention, Monetization) Key Performance Indicators related to monetization, analyze KPI reports, predict trends, and share those KPIs on different adhoc reports for top management;

· 2/ Develop initiatives and be a key player in the ramp-up of the company on monetization stakes. More particularly:

- Monitor trends and external benchmarks on monetization in order to identify best practices, achieve optimal results and innovation;

- Develop tools in order to optimize the sharing of knowledge related to monetization within the group;

- Actively participate in reflections around the development of new features and monetization systems;

- Collaborate with HR teams to develop new initiatives and programs to improve awareness and growth in monetization needs: construction of training modules, partnerships with schools etc…

· 3/ Management; Lead, advise and help your team member grow and develop. More particularly:

- Responsible for the management of one Live Revenues Analyst;

- Coaching and mentoring of more junior members of the team;


The ideal candidate

· You have significant working experience and/or background in business administration, data science, marketing, economics or finance;

· You ideally demonstrate a minimum of 5 to 7 years working experience on monetization or economic analysis within the entertainment industry;

· You have a thorough understanding of acquisition, retention, and monetization concepts;

· You are very knowledgeable about the gaming market, its consumer and its trends;

· You are recognized for your autonomy and foolproof commitment;

· You stand out for your strong analytical skills and excellent communication skills;

· Your English is fluent, a good French level is required as well;

· You are pragmatic and curious;

· You are detail- and result- oriented

Additional Information

En tant qu’employeur, Ubisoft offre à tous les mêmes opportunités d’accès à l’emploi sans distinction de genre, ethnicité, religion, orientation sexuelle, statut social, handicap et d’âge. Ubisoft veille à développer un environnement de travail inclusif qui reflète la diversité de sa communauté de joueurs dans ses équipes.

Company Description

Creator and publisher of blockbuster video games such as Assassin’s Creed®, Far Cry® , Watch Dogs®, and The Division®. Ubisoft is a major player in the entertainment industry with consistent sales growth. An innovation-driven company with a human touch, Ubisoft’s vision encompasses 18 000 team members who are its primary asset and that are driven by the goal to create games that enrich the lives of their audiences with memorable and original storytelling experiences. They give life to rich and immersive worlds populated with compelling characters, where imagination can express itself completely and moments of surprise, fun and adventure allow players to discover others and themselves.

Ubisoft International Production is the headquarters of our network of production studios and plays an essential role in the conception of our games. Closely working with the top management and our studios worldwide, our role is to support the various project teams on different topics (production processes, design, content, game direction, financial planning, human resources) in order to enable them to develop high-quality games while maintaining an editorial and strategic coherence. This particular position allows our team members to benefit from a global overview of all our current projects under development.

At Ubisoft, you have the opportunity to work and grow with passionate teams that are pioneers in their field, all around the world. You will evolve in a caring and inspiring environment in which you will push the limits of the imagination and technology to create story worlds that will fascinate our audiences.

Do you want to embark on our adventure? Ubisoft is looking for a Monetization Manager


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