Lighting Artist (Contract)

Electronic Arts
Orlando Florida United States
4 days ago


Lighting Artist

Position Overview

Lighters add the lighting to games that create atmosphere and adds realism, tone, and depth to a scene, using their craft, Lighters create visually balancing individual elements that allow game artists to produce a convincing image or environment. You will need to use technical skills and your aesthetic judgment to create images that not only look good but are easy to render. Lighters make sure there is consistency in lighting, color balance, and mood between the elements of a shot or scene in the game. Lighters ensure the CG looks photorealistic. Lighters emphasize drama or narrative, and also establish and clarify location, weather, time of day. Lighters will respect and follow an established design theme for a sequence or project. You will refer to the relevant production designs and apply that visual style as faithfully as possible, taking care to maintain continuity throughout the scene and game.

What background does EA look for?

Lighters will have a background that combines art and math. They typically have a degree in Computer Graphics, Computer Science, an Art-related subject such as Photography or Computer Animation, Math, or Physics. They will also have solid experience in at least one of the 3D packages used by the industry. These include Maya, Houdini, XSI, 3D Studio Max, and Light-wave. Familiarity with other relevant programs are also a plus.

Required Skills:

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