Lead/ Senior Tool Programmer 主管/高级工具程序员

Chengdu Sichuan cn
4 days ago

Job Description

Your role

The Senior Tool Programmer autonomously develops, maintains tool and plans for tool team. This includes, analyzing requirements, designing solutions, implementation of tool features and follow up their functionality inside game engine, also within automation pipelines and external tools and products. Ultimately working towards improving the efficiency of the production teams.




- Proficient in .NET programming, experience in WPF, ASP.NET develop, have related experience on multiple projects.

- Knowledge of database development, MS-SQL, MySQL and Database scripting experience.

- Familiar with web programming technologies, such as bootstrap, angular.js, node.js, Asp.net, Flask, Django, is an asset.

- Autonomous, proactive, problem-solving, analytical mindset and multitasking ability

- Able to program and debug complex applications with knowledge of bug tracking, sprint planning, and wiki software.

- Provide self-assessment on how to improve own performance by innovation and risk-taking.

- Good interpersonal and communication skills in English


- 精通 .NET 的程序开发,有WPF开发经验, 熟练使用ASP.NET, 有多个相关的项目开发经验.

- 熟练使用MS-SQL, MySQL等数据库.

- 熟悉web编程技术,比如 bootstrap.js, angular.js, node.js. 有Flask, Django相关经验更好.

- 具有自主,主动,解决问题和分析问题以及同时处理多个任务的能力

- 能够编程和调试来解决复杂的问题,有bug跟踪, Sprint计划和Wiki相关软件的知识.

- 能够进行自我评估和通过创新和风险担当提升自我能力

- 具有良好的英语口语

Additional Information

- Experience on C++ programming is a plus.

- Passion for creating and playing games, no matter what platform or genre.

- Experience on Game Engine development is a plus

- Experience of team management is a plus

- 有游戏引擎开发方面经验为加分项

- 热爱创造和玩游戏, 无论是什么平台或类型.

- 有C++编程经验为加分项

- 有团队管理经验为加分项

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