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Bucharest Bucharest Romania
22 days ago

We are now on the hunt for a talented professional Lead Animator to join our global Art Team. You'll be working on a variety of games, we are proud to house the best quality animations, ranging from heavily stylised to realistic behaviours, across both cinematic sequences and real-time motion. Whether you are animating a hero or a monster, a crowd or an object, you will always think of the movement's intention and the subject's behaviour. It is important for you to know how the tiny details help building up the big picture in-game. You will have a strong sense of 3D design, facial animation and body mechanics (realistic and cartoony) which must be displayed in a compelling reel.

This position entails a great deal of responsibility and opportunity to drive further the development of your artistic, technical, and creative expertise and will accept applications from 2D and 3D Artists that can work on a variety of art styles.

We are ideally looking for 3D Animators that have 5+ years of commercial experience in the games industry, but equally if you’re a super talented, self-taught, or even come from a different creative field, we would love to hear from you. we’re interested to hear from you and review your portfolio/reel.


• BA in Art Media, graphic design or equivalent relevant experience (bachelor's in fine arts, computer animation, illustration, digital arts, media arts or master's of fine arts in animation or visual effects for example).

• Previous AAA/Indie/PC games, mobile games and NFT projects or at minimum a passion for games and knowledge of the gaming industry.

• Good understanding of creative briefs, able to consider elements such as context, timescales and creative constraints when solving tasks.

• A keen eye for spinning narrative and life into a character, props and special effects.

• Excellent time management skills, able to meet deadlines and multitask.

• Excellent creative thinking skills, able to solve creative problems through innovative solutions, balancing flow, function and aesthetics.

• Solid understanding of both realistic and cartoon human/creature poses and keyframe animations.

• Proficient skills at creating facial expressions and animations in conjunction with blend shapes or similar.

• The ability to provide multiple creative options, then iterate upon them as projects progress.

• Knowledge of computer 3D animation techniques, motion design and camera movement principles. Able to animate characters, objects and special effects.

• Skilled at working within Maya and Motion Capture data to create the animations.

• Experienced with animation mock-ups, able to plan and generate asset libraries to help smooth the pipeline.

• Strong collaborative attitude. A receptive individual who's open to take feedback and working together with team-mates on streamlining and improving the animation pipelines/processes and deliverables.

• Experienced with working across departments to provide the most optimized format for the best in-game performance.

• High level of proficiency in 2D/3D editing and software tools like Maya, After Effects CC, Premier Pro CC, Adobe Flash, Animate CC environment, Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC to be able to deliver any kind of good quality 2D/3D assets.

• Ability to draw in a variety of styles and genres with knowledge of lighting, perspective, material finishes and special effects, and a cinematic eye for lighting and shading.

• Good understanding of the 2D/3D rigging process and different technical software.

• Supportive attitude, eager to guide other animators in the team and take ownership.

• Fluency in written and spoken English.


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PTW is a boutique-with-scale games services company with over 40 studios in 12 countries worldwide. Our range of services includes art and audio production, game development, quality assurance, player support, community management, localization, localization QA, voice production, and data collection.

PTW Bucharest opened its doors in 2016 and has grown from providing Player Support to a range of mobile and AAA games publishers to also offering QA and Localization QA services.

We’re part of a global team of passionate, hard-working, ambitious gamers, whose goal is always to make every gamer’s experience as perfect as possible. For over 25 years, PTW has been providing industry-leading services to every part of the globe. From our humble beginnings as a single office in Japan in 1994, we’ve become a global force with offices across North America, Europe, India, and Asia. The PTW family of brands includes SIDE, 1518 Studios, entalize, and OR Esports. For more information, visit www.ptw.com and https://1518studios.com/

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