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Junior Technical Artist[Origin]

Shanghai Shanghai cn
13 days ago

Job Description


- 优化并监控游戏性能;
- 测试引擎,请求增强功能,验证所有与引擎相关的文档,并在必要时修改或起草新文档;
- 确定并实施艺术流水线的优化和自动化;
- 开发或确定工具(例如3DS Max等)和方法,以增强和便利设计团队的工作;
- 创建技术原型;
- 创建用于生产的技术基准;
- 在编程团队的帮助下实施技术美术功能;
- 在日常研发问题上为美术团队提供技术援助;
- 创建和维护技术文档;
- 与其他同事分享最佳实践和新工具。

Job Summary:
The Technical Art Trainee is a support role inside the Technical Art team, working closely with the Technical Directors, Technical Artists and the programming team, to help with simple asset and pipeline optimizations, to participate in the technical art features implementation, and to perform simple debugging on the project’s tools and processes.

• Implementing optimizations and monitoring the performance of the game;
• Test the engine, request enhancements, verify all engine-related documents and modify or draft new documents whenever necessary
• Identifying and implementing art-pipeline optimizations and automatizing;
• Develop or determine tools (e.g. 3DS Max, etc.) and methods to enhance and facilitate work of the graphics team;
• Creating technical prototype;
• Creating technical benchmarks to be used in production;
• Implementing technical art features with the help of the programming team;
• Offering technical assistance to the art team in day-by-day production issues;
• Creating and maintaining technical documentation;
• Sharing with the other artists ’best practices and new tools.


- 丰富的游戏文化知识和对电子游戏开发的兴趣
- 良好的中英文沟通能力(口语和书面)
- 具有实时渲染技术的基本知识
- 有较强的分析思维和问题解决能力
- 脚本知识扎实(例如maxscript / python / mel / c#)
- 了解数据安全选项(如Perforce,VSS,Alienbrain)
- 对技术美术领域感兴趣者(例如阴影,照明,SFX等)

- 具备程序软件知识(Houdini / Speedtree / worldmachine / Substance Design)
- 具备代码语言知识为佳(例如c ++)
- 有数字艺术创作经验(高/低多边形建模,相位展开,纹理,关卡美术)

• Strong Gamer Culture and interest in videogame development;
• Good communication skills in both Chinese and English (spoken and written);
• Basic knowledge of real-time rendering challenges and techniques;
• Analytical mind and good problem-solving skills;
• Any relevant experience with game editors and engines is considered a plus;
• Knowledge of script is strong plus (e.g. maxscript/python/mel/c# )
• Knowledge of data safety options (e.g. Perforce, VSS, Alienbrain);
• Knowledge and Interest in tech-art areas is also considered a plus (like Shading, Lighting, SFX, etc.)

Nice to have:
• Knowledge of Procedural software is considered a plus (e.g. Houdini/Speedtree/worldmachine/Substance Design)
• Knowledge of Code language is considered a plus (e.g. c++)
• Experience in a full digital art content creation pipeline (high and low-poly modelling, unwrapping, baking, texturing, level art) is very appreciated;

Company Description

Ubisoft’s 19,000 team members, working across more than 40 locations around the world, are boundby a common mission to enrich players’ lives with original and memorable gaming experiences. Their dedication and talent has brought to life many acclaimed franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Just Dance, Rainbow Six, and many more to come. Ubisoft is an equal opportunity employer that believes diverse backgrounds and perspectives are key to creating worlds where both players and teams can thrive and express themselves. If you are excited about solving gamechanging challenges, cutting edge technologies and pushing the boundaries of entertainment, we invite you to join our journey and help us Create the unknown!

For more than 9 years, via its Ubisoft Mobile entity, Ubisoft has also shaped worlds on smartphones and tablets through its portfolio of mobile games.

At Ubisoft, you will have a chance to develop your skills and work alongside dedicated team members who are pioneers in their field, throughout the world. You will be part of a warm and stimulating environment in which you can push back the boundaries of both the imagination and technology to create worlds that will inspire our players.

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