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Junior International Product Manager

Montreuil Île-de-France fr
6 months ago


Job Description

Based in Ubisoft HQ, the team is composed of 1 Sr. Business & Line Producer and 3 Line Producer, and organized around 3 main missions:

1. Piloting the Ubisoft Casual Games portfolio:

=> spotting new opportunities

=> ensuring the projects feasibility and profitability

=> monitoring the catalogue performance

2. Assisting internal Production teams with all support missions:

=> setting up the communication flow with submission teams, IT, CS, etc.

=> identifying new methodologies

=> getting insights & best-practices from other prod teams

3. Ensuring HQ guidelines application by production teams: mandate, budget, timeline, etc.

Within the team, the Jr. International Producer Manager reports to the Sr. Business & Line Producer and missions revolve around 2 key pillars:

1. Marketing role:

ð Follow-up on products launch campaigns: together with EMEA and NCSA Business teams:

o Determine key Marketing campaign momentums (announcement, release date, communication plan)

o Develop a Marketing package to feed EMEA and NCSA teams: factsheets, key arts, screenshots, trailers

ð Follow-up on the department’s game portfolio performance:

o Sales tracking, in-game data analytics, consumer reviews, etc.

o Recommend improvements and fixes to the Sr. Business & Line Producer if need be

2. Line Production Assistant:

ð Be up-to-date on Line Producers’ projects (key milestones, immediate challenges, etc.), in order to be able to debrief Support teams (IT, CS, Sales, etc.) if they need info

ð Be aware of HQ news (guidelines, methodologies and best-practices) and share with Line Producers to feed them

Depending on production timelines, the 2 roles’ shares of time can vary, but Line Production Assistance should cover about 30% of the role, while the Marketing aspect can juggle between campaigns preparation and performances follow-up.

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