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Software Engineer Intern

Electronic Arts
Orlando Florida United States
7 months ago


Position Overview

The Frostbite team provides state of the art technology to game teams within EA from various genres such as shooting, racing and action. By collaboration – between disciplines, genres and studios – the Frostbite team is pushing boundaries for what game developers can achieve. With a strong focus on efficient workflows and fast iteration times our innovation–driving outcomes enable game developers to create cutting edge games.

We are currently looking for a dedicated, passionate and user-focused engineer who can help us develop and maintain our toolset for game content creation.

As a Frostbite engineer, you will drive the development and tend to the stability and effectiveness of our tools, our content pipeline and the build process. You will work across disciplines to make sure day to day operations run smoothly as well as identify bottlenecks and future needs. The role requires an independent mindset and a willingness to take responsibility over work content as well as quality.

Our tools are mostly written in C++ and C#, but Python is also used. We use standalone custom tools as well as plugins to external applications like Maya and Motion Builder.


Technical Qualifications

About Frostbite


As a member of the Frostbite Cinematics team you will be working on evolving one of the most artistic crafts in the games industry. The Cinematics team works on generating new types of workflows for Cinematic content creation and improving industry staple Cinematic workflows. EA's variety of studios and culture of communication allows our team to sample many types of Cinematic workflows, and enhance opportunities for personal growth from this infrastructure.


The Frostbite Animation team is responsible for developing tools and runtime technologies to enable the highest quality animation for Frostbite’s developers and users across EA worldwide. We work closely with our game team partners to develop solutions and work in an agile way.

Editor Framework

As a member of the Editor Frameworks team you will be working closely on core parts of FrostEd, our tool for content creators to build amazing game experiences. You will gain exposure to what it takes to build robust re-useable tool components that can be leveraged across the domains including audio, rendering, and UI. This is a great opportunity for someone to get exposure on how to build easy to use and scalable tool code.


As a member of the Foundation team you will be working on core technologies that are the fundamental building blocks of the Frostbite engine. The Foundation team works on leading-edge low-level technologies that span a huge number of domains. There are many opportunities available for learning and gaining unique expertise.


As a member of the Frostbite UI team you will be building the tools, workflows, and runtime used to create amazing UIs for Frostbite games. This might include improving our C# WPF tools, writing new C++ rendering code, or creating utility Schematics entities to improve UI workflows. We also focus on providing a flexible foundation for game teams to build great new features and on harvesting those solutions back into the engine.


As a member of the Schematics team you will be working on core data driven systems that allow content creators and the engineering team to create massive fun game worlds. If you like solving hard problems and optimizing for performance while having fun, this is the team for you. Some of the most senior engineers on Frostbite work on this team and you will have the opportunity to learn from them and contribute.

Audio / Movie

The Audio and Movie team is responsible for development of the core audio and movie technology of the Frostbite engine. This covers a broad range of areas, including the encoding and decoding of audio/movie content, managing and controlling audio/movie content playback, and providing a full suite of specialized tools for authoring audio/movie content. This technology is supported across a broad range of platforms, and aggressively optimized to meet the demanding needs of the game industry.

Configuration Management

As a member of the Configuration Management team you will work on taking EA’s engineering and build workflows to the next level. As a company with distributed teams spread all over the globe that have code bases of millions of lines of code, our challenges are unique within the industry and Configuration Management is in the middle of it all. We deal with a large amount of platforms, a variety of build systems, multiple programming languages, the latest technologies, designing better workflows, … you name it. If you like the big picture in technology and are passionate about developer productivity, this is the place to be.

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