IT Team Leader - (Tools)

Québec, Quebec
4 months ago


Job Description

As the IT Team Leader within the Tools team, you will lead a group of talented and inspiring programmers in charge of developing essential technologies for game creation and content. Your team will fulfill its ambitions thanks to your technological knowledge, your leadership and your ability to make informed decisions. You are proud and passionate about the solutions that you will find together.

Your overall vision and understanding of the role of each member of your team allows you to coordinate the work and multiply the result of everyone’s efforts. You know that you are helping to deliver a rich user experience when quality solutions that interact well with one another are delivered. The coaching of your team really motivates you.

The Daily life of an IT Team Leader:

On a typical day, you will gather your team to discuss the progress of the assigned tasks. You review new feature requests and notable bugs and find the best way to approach them. You communicate regularly with representatives of other disciplines to plan, evaluate risks and deliver on time. You must sometimes be actively involved in the programming process with your team.

You keep your manager informed throughout your mandates and meet with your colleagues to discuss ways to improve procedures and share technology. You are also responsible for supporting each member of your team in improving their technical and interpersonal skills. You have their well-being at heart and you actively participate in their evolution within the organization.


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