Head of Monetization and User Retention (M/F)

3 months ago


Voodoo is a tech company focused on creating mobile apps for a wide audience. Leader in the mobile gaming market, we are the n°1 company with the most monthly downloads worldwide on the App Store.

Voodoo apps total over 300M monthly users and have generated 2 billions downloads.

Having outperformed in the competitive casual gaming market, Voodoo wants to explore new areas: video streaming, content curation, news, user generated content and social apps.

You will join an organic structure where you will take ownership of your role and contribute actively with new ideas of new projects in a creative and stimulating working environment. You will be part of a small and high performing team, and you will work together in goodwill to achieve best results.


We are looking for a leader to head the monetization and user retention team.

You will focus on creating the foundation for scalable live ops on our top games in order to grow revenues over time. Their mission is to maximize the long term performance of our games by building an excellent team, making data-driven decisions, and sharing results globally with the company.


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