Generalist Programmer

Craiova DJ ro
18 days ago

Job Description

Your life at Ubi:

As a Generalist Programmer within the TG, you’ll join a specific domain team – like AI & gameplay, UI, or debug & profiling – to develop systems and tools used by developers and content creators across Ubi.

On the AI & gameplay side, that could mean tools that help give life to our worlds; on the UI front, solutions that allow production teams to create and render game HUDs and menu elements; and for debug and profiling, tools to detect and correct anomalies. No matter the domain, you’ll be in close contact with the game development community, have a significant impact on multiple games, plus influence the upcoming developments in your area of specialization.

Sometimes you’ll write code from scratch. Most of the time, though, you’ll modify existing code while solving interesting, complex problems along the way. With a focus on quality, you’ll ensure that every component you create or optimize can be integrated into all games, multiple engines, and work on all platforms and consoles – without compromising performance or memory.

Sure, you have a lot to consider, but you’re up for the challenge.

Your main mission:


The professional value you bring:

The personal value you bring:

Additional Information

About us:

At Ubisoft, there are no limits to creativity. Innovation comes from every corner and our game teams are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to transform ideas into fantastical worlds. To bolster their efforts, Ubisoft’s Production Technology department is a transversal group that unites more than 400 experts across the company around a mission to develop the best tools and technologies that enable our studios to bring their visions to life. From designing our proprietary game engines and state-of-the-art middleware solutions used by our worldwide developer community, to leveraging the latest machine learning breakthroughs in R&D, Production Technology team members don’t just help Ubisoft creators make games: they work together to pioneer innovations that change the way games are made.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and we believe that diverse backgrounds and perspectives are key to creating worlds where both players and teams can thrive and express themselves.

The production team is very diverse in specialties, and this makes all the magic happen. Together, they create amazing worlds that take entertainment to the next level.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn, see how we do things, how we like to have fun and join us!

Company Description

Ubisoft Craiova has been an important component in strengthening the foundation of one of the first gaming companies ever established in Romania. The studio has had experience in the development of video games since 2008 and now works on the production and testing of some of the biggest AAA brands of international reputation, such as Ghost Recon. The studio is also a valuable collaborator on developing reusable game technologies, from tools and middleware to multiplayer and online solutions used in most, if not all Ubisoft games.

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