General Artist (Contract)

Electronic Arts
Orlando Florida United States
14 days ago


General Artist (Contract)

The General Artist participates in the texturing of characters, environments, and objects. The Generalist also performs lighting, rigging, and software rendering tasks. You will need to have a comprehensive understanding of the art production process for video games. The job requires that the artist can model any kind of asset at a high-quality level with either a very limited or a very high vertex budget. The artist will often take an asset that was modeled and textured under a very high budget and convert it to a very low budget but with the highest in perceived fidelity as possible. Likewise, UV and texture pages will need to be consolidated in a thoughtful manner. Facial likeness ability is essential in this position as the artist will fix likeness bugs on existing assets in addition to modeling characters and evaluating likenesses from outside vendors. A general understanding of rigging is required for tasks such as fixing rigging bugs, rigging from scratch, or transferring rigging from asset to asset. Experience with blend shapes is also a plus. A general understanding of lighting is important as the artist at times will need to pre-bake lighting into certain assets or set up real-time lighting for others.

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