Full Stack Engineer

Sydney, Australia
17 days ago


Gamers spent more than $100 billion on in-game items last year. However, $0 of that went to other players – it went directly to huge free-to-play game studios. Until now, games have only sold licences for these in-game items with highly restricted rights. At Immutable, we’re all about ownership: using blockchain technology to give players true and “immutable” ownership over the items they’ve worked so hard to acquire. This means they can trade, sell and utilise their digital items as they see fit. Alongside games, we build marketplaces and tools for these assets, so that game developers can build fully-fledged economies within their games.

As a Full Stack Engineer, you will work in an elite team focused on taking our flagship game asset exchange “Immutable X” to as many players and gamers as possible. You’ll help them build innovative growth features and incentive schemes to maximise this expansion. You’ll have a lot of flexibility in terms of tools, technology and architecture: most of your goals will be product-driven rather than tech-driven.

You will be an active engineer on that team, personally working on both frontend and backend features, but you will also be heavily involved in product design and development. You don’t need any blockchain development experience, but we’re looking for someone who has a history building products which interface with the blockchain, or someone who has spent time immersing themselves in the space. You’ll help the team estimate, prioritise and scope features, and contribute to product discussions at all stages of development.

If you’re looking to work on a fun and iterative product, in a strong team, with a great deal of independence, this role is for you.

Technology stack

We don’t need you to have in-depth blockchain knowledge (e.g. writing complex Solidity), but familiarity with blockchain concepts and integrations will be valuable. You also don’t need to know anything about game development. We do need to you be able to work with our pre-existing stack:

*On the frontend, Angular 2+ or React, with strong CSS/SASS skills

*On the backend, either Golang or Node.js (with Typescript)

You’ll be able to:

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