Entry-level VFX Artist

Bucharest Bucharest Romania
22 days ago

As an Entry-level VFX Artist at PTW Gaming Services, you will play an essential role in creating real-time visual effects, including particle systems, shaders, and animations, that enhance the visual appeal and immersive experience of our AA/AAA games. Collaborating closely with the art and design teams, you will translate VFX requirements into compelling in-game effects. This position offers an exciting on-site opportunity to leverage your skills and passion for VFX, working alongside experienced professionals in a collaborative environment.

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop and implement real-time visual effects, such as particle systems, shaders, and animations, in accordance with the game's artistic and design vision.

• Collaborate with the art and design teams to understand VFX requirements, ensuring that visual effects seamlessly integrate with the overall gameplay and narrative.

• Utilize industry-standard VFX tools, such as Unreal Engine Cascade and Unity VFX Graph, to create stunning and dynamic in-game effects.

• Integrate final delivery assets into game engines like Unity and/or Unreal, ensuring a smooth and cohesive visual experience for players.

• Demonstrate a basic understanding of scripting or node-based systems for VFX implementation, facilitating efficient workflows and effect optimizations.


• Knowledge of Unity and Unreal Particle System.

• Experience with the CASCADE interface in Unreal.

• Examples of Flipbooks VFX in your portfolio and stylised effects.

• Experience of using industry-standard content creation software (e.g. Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Substance) to create assets to use in-engine.

• Understanding of Real-time VFX techniques and pipeline.

• Experience with various supplemental 3D and VFX authoring packages (Maya, Houdini, Substance, etc.)

• Portfolio that demonstrates a breadth of both technical and artistic execution of real-time VFX.

• Understanding optimizing VFX for console and mobile game development.

• Experience with shader creation inside Unity and Unreal.

• Knowledge of game production pipeline and life cycle.

• A critical eye for the timing, animation, and motion of real-world objects and visual VFX.


What we offer:

About us:

PTW is a boutique-with-scale games services company with over 40 studios in 12 countries worldwide. Our range of services includes art and audio production, game development, quality assurance, player support, community management, localization, localization QA, voice production, and data collection.

PTW Bucharest opened its doors in 2016 and has grown from providing Player Support to a range of mobile and AAA games publishers to also offering QA and Localization QA services.

We’re part of a global team of passionate, hard-working, ambitious gamers, whose goal is always to make every gamer’s experience as perfect as possible. For over 25 years, PTW has been providing industry-leading services to every part of the globe. From our humble beginnings as a single office in Japan in 1994, we’ve become a global force with offices across North America, Europe, India, and Asia. The PTW family of brands includes SIDE, 1518 Studios, entalize, and OR Esports. For more information, visit www.ptw.com and https://1518studios.com/

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