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Corporate Communications Manager

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Ubisoft is a leading developer and publisher of video games worldwide whose brand portfolio covers blockbusters such as Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs,The Division, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Rayman, Just Dance as well as games for the whole family, from Imagine and Petz to Raving Rabbids. To continue building on its achievements for the future,

Ubisoft is looking for new talent for its growing Indian studio in Pune!

We favor diversity, creativity, drive and team spirit. If you’ve got the skills and the desire to succeed, we want you to be a part of this exciting period of growth.

Job Title - Corporate Communication Manager

**Note**: Final Designation/Level will be decided based on the relevant experience and interview ratings



Internal communications strategy

Develops and implements UBISOFT’s internal communications strategy. This includes writing, developing and implementing internal communications plans, advising on internal communications issues, and providing appropriate communications tools.

Develops and maintains appropriate internal communications policies and procedures to ensure consistency in approach.

Internal communications tools

Key outcomes of the role

These responsibilities are not limitative and can be modified in order to reach the company’s goals and objectives as well as personal performance.


Common core skills

Always think and act with the customer in mind

- Knows how to identify, analyse, explain and anticipate employee’s demands/requirements of projects under their responsibility in order to build an appropriate internal communications

- Proposes strategies and tools to further improve the service provided to the employees

Build customer relationships based on trust

- Fulfils undertakings by complying with deadlines and quality expected (internal customers)

- Proposes communication actions which build employee loyalty in the long term

- Demonstrates the ability to maintain fair and even relationships with all departments at all times

Be innovative

- Capacity to challenge past achievements and be an ideas person

- Comes up with plenty of new ideas to solve a problem

- Listens to new ideas and facilitates their dissemination

Identify best practices in order to make the best moves

- Seeks out and proposes improvements in the context of their work

Share information and other expertise

- Seeks out information necessary to their activity

- Ensures regular reporting to their hierarchical superior and colleagues in HR and management teams

Be an agent of change

Is responsive and flexible faced with changes

Seek out expertise in the field concerned

- Keeps up to date on developments in the profession

- Continually strives to broaden their knowledge:

- Understands video game culture (content, sales, competition)

- Monitors press operations by competitors and in other sectors

- Is knowledgeable about all key target media sectors (operation, functioning, etc.)

- Continually seeks to be creative by proposing new ways to increase employee degree of information

Be autonomous and well organised

- Is rigorous and pro-active

- Knows how to organise and plan their work

- Gets a group of colleagues to work together

o Knows how to obtain information without causing offence

o Knows how to motivate their colleagues

Knows how to work in team to create a positive working atmosphere

- Understands the roles of the colleagues and fellow team members

- Has a positive and constructive attitude

To be result oriented

- Understands the profitability mechanisms of their activity

- Anticipates actions and is responsive to events with the aim of ensuring the best timing possible

- Effectively manages fluctuating budgets

Consider the long-term impact of actions

- Measures the impact of their actions in the medium term and factors profitability into all internal communications actions proposed (return on investment)

- Proposes activities with a view to ensuring the long-term future of employees good relationship

- Proposes realistic developments to improve internal communication strategies

Show ambition and commitment with regard to objectives

- Takes initiative to exceed expectations

- Maintains a consistent level of best practice in all areas of work

Skills specific to the post


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