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Founded in 2010 by the original creators of the Call of Duty Franchise, Respawn was created with the philosophy that when talented people have creative freedom, they’ll make extraordinary games that achieve the unexpected. From our roots as an indie studio to joining the expansive roster of studios at Electronic Arts, this remains our guiding principle. We truly love what we do and want to share our passion with players worldwide. Our shipped titles include critically acclaimed multi-platform games Apex Legends , Titanfall , Titanfall 2 , Star Wars™ Jedi: Fallen Order and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond . Join us for the opportunity to create groundbreaking games with some of the best developer talent in the industry.

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We're looking for a Concept Artist to join our Apex Legends team. Our ideal candidate is passionate about game development and loves to create high-quality, inspirational concept art pieces to support efforts across multiple disciplines. Reporting to our Lead Concept Artist, you will work on a variety of subject matter, designing concepts across characters, environments, vehicles, and/or props.

What’s it like to be a Concept Artist at Respawn?

- Day to Day - As a Concept Artist you will create and iterate on concepts for game assets and environments. Your day to day work may include creation of thumbnails, loose sketches, finished and detailed pieces, as well as orthographics. You will own your work from start to finish while collaborating with other artists, designers, and leads to ensure the work fits cohesively into the vision for art direction and player experience.

- Teamwork - As a member of the concept art team, you will work closely with others within your department as well as other disciplines within the team. You will collaborate closely with designers, 3D artists, and animators to develop concepts that fit within the vision and goals for the characters and game universe. For instance, you may be involved in brainstorming a character’s story and personality with designers, how they move with animation, and/or collaborate on costuming with a character artist. Developing amazing worlds is a team effort, and you will work together with other talented team members to create what works best for the game.

- Values - Our art team cares about developing both high quality art and a high quality player experience. They share their inspiration, knowledge, and passion with the others in their department. They aspire to treat everything they work on as a personal masterpiece. They seek to raise the bar of what “great” looks like. They play the game and are encouraged to speak up if they see anything that is not up to our high standards. They put their time and passion into what will have the biggest payoff both visually and for our players.

- Ownership - Our teams are small and everyone has a lot of ownership over their work. As a Concept Artist you will have the opportunity to own your work from start to completion - from thumbnails to final piece. Your concept art will help to visually inform and impact the direction of the game, as well as inspire the entire development team. As part of a small team you will have the opportunity to shine here.

- Growth - At Respawn we believe that all of our team members are on a path of professional development, and making progress in that journey is a key component of happiness and satisfaction in one’s work. Our team members are encouraged to follow their career interests, while also challenging themselves. To facilitate this, our leads work with each team member to identify areas of strength, and areas of desired development, and whenever possible, assign tasks and projects which will inspire the team member to grow in skill, knowledge, and capability.

What do we look for in Concept Artist candidates?

- You’ve Made Stuff You Are Proud Of - We are excited to see your artistic passion, creativity, attention to detail, and keen eye for quality shine in your artwork. What we’d love to see in your portfolio is work that you designed yourself from start to finish with a variety of subject matter (characters, environments, props, etc.). We’d love to see work that showcases your process, from loose sketches to detailed, finished pieces. Most of all, we are looking forward to seeing the work that you feel are examples of your best.

- Beyond Art - You Are A Game Developer - As an artist you bring the passion and skill for creating amazing artwork, but you also have an understanding of game development practices. Your appreciation for the needs of real-time video game development will help make sure your work supports the goals of the game and properly informs 3D artists, animators, and designers who will be working off of your concepts.

- Passion - We look for Concept Artists who are highly passionate. Our art team is constantly sharing knowledge and working to raise the quality bar. No one is phoning it in here – our team members love what they do and it shows in their work.

- Potential Over Experience - We value talent over years of experience. Experience counts, but potential is important too. We look for talented, highly motivated people who have a knack for hands on artistry, but who also balance their drive to make cool stuff with the understanding of what is highest priority for artists and animators working off of your designs, as well as the players’ experience.

- A Spirit for Collaboration - Positivity and a great attitude help to fuel greatness. The ability to accept feedback and critiques will help you tailor your work towards what’s best for the game. Making games is a group effort and you will collaborate closely with other departments. Teamwork is very important to our success.

Ideally, you also will have...

If this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you, please submit your resume and we will get back to you once we have reviewed.

In addition to opportunities for creative impact and professional growth which come with being a member of our team, working at Respawn has many other perks and benefits! Learn more at

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