Community Developer, Rabbids M/F

Paris IDF fr
16 days ago


Job Description

You will report to the Community Development Group Manager and be in charge of establishing a strong link between the community of Rabbids games players and the games' development team, as well as creating the right messages destined for the community, guaranteeing the development of necessary assets and doing whatever is required to improve the overall games experience.
You will also work with several of our services at an international level, including the teams handling PR, Events, Business and Development, to make sure the concerns of the community are voiced for all aspects related to marketing and game development through the Rabbids platform.
You will be physically integrated with the dev team in charge at our studio in Ubisoft Paris, participating in devising the editorial strategy and creating community assets.

More specifically, you will be tasked with the following:

· Defining and deploying the community marketing strategy for the Rabbids games in collaboration with the game's Brand Director and Live Producer.

· Explaining and evangelizing on the Community strategy to the Studio Marketing and WW Operational Marketing teams

· Creating the editorial line directed at the community

· Reinforcing the various marketing activities, in collaboration with the international teams

· Ensuring the production of community assets - in collaboration with the development teams - such as videos, articles, livestreams, interviews, etc.

· Being the spokesperson for the Rabbids community and key speaker during events

· Setting up performance indicators in order to evaluate results and return on investment for actions aimed at the community (regular measuring of ROI)

· Co-ordinating communication between the various services implicated in your actions / plans / assets (PR, Brand, Studio…)

· Accompanying the subsidiaries in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia) and NCSA (North, Central and South America) zones during deployment of the community strategy

· Managing post-launch communication in collaboration with the Brand Managers and Live Producer: defining and applying the post-launch plans (in-game activities, update contents, game status, activations,…)

· Establishing reports with community feedback for internal use, in order to improve the quality of the game

· Continually passing on needs expressed by the community to the development team and Marketing department

· Co-ordinating events involving the Studio: fan visits, live chats with the dev team, tournaments…

· Handling crisis management



- Degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Communication or relevant
- Minimum 5 years of experience
- Experience in digital marketing with digital creation (videos, photos, articles, livestreams, podcasts, etc.) would be a big advantage
- Experience managing fan sites or official forums is a bonus.

Skills and knowledge:

- You know how to communicate effectively with different levels of management (you are at ease when presenting your work / plans to top management)
- You have excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
- You know how to think globally and strategically;
- You know how to multitask and define priorities;
- You have excellent knowledge of social media platforms (Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
- You have a passion for videogames
- You speak English & French fluently.

Additional Information

Position based at the Ubisoft Paris Studio located in Montreuil-sous-Bois (metro line 9)

Company Description

The teams at Ubisoft are driven by a desire to enrich players' lives with original and memorable game experiences. They bring to life new worlds, veritable game areas where the imagination can express itself freely, creating moments of surprise, fun and adventure that also allow players to learn, and learn about themselves.
At Ubisoft, you have an opportunity to collaborate and grow with teams around the world that are passionate about their work and pioneers in their domain.
You'll progress in a nurturing, inspiring environment in which you'll be able to push back the limits of the imaginary, and the limits of technology, to create worlds that will inspire our players.

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