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Role Overview

Animators will portray movement and behavior. Most often their skill is used to give life to game characters and creatures, but sometimes animations are also applied to objects, scenery, vegetation, environmental effects, and other objects. Animators will create emotionally believable characters that allow game players to work with the game, whether photo-realistic or stylized, in a realistic and believable fashion. Think of a game like Madden NFL Football. When the game player intercepts a pass and scores a touchdown, they expect the animated action to be a realistic representation of the action they'd see in life.

EA Animators use specialized software packages, including Maya and Max, to create the animations for both in-game behavior and predefined sequences (or cut scenes). Animators need an understanding of classic animation principles such as staging, squash and stretch, timing, anticipation, exaggeration, arcs, etc., and an intrinsic ability for storytelling.

What skills does EA look for?

EA looks for Animators who demonstrate a proficiency in animation packages including Maya, work with proprietary animation run-time integration tools; they are knowledgeable in the technical aspects of rigging and skinning characters for animation; they have an ability to animate the human form, giving the character weight, personality, mood; they are comfortable animating in realistic and stylized motion; and they can demonstrate a understanding of classic animation principles and fundamentals.

Animators will work as part a team and also on their own, taking responsibility for organizing their work within the production schedule. It's essential to understand the production process. Some knowledge of programming is desirable.

Game animation must be simple and expressive. The Animator should know how to reveal attitude, emotions, and mood through a character's movement and behavior, and can create memorable characters that appeal to players. It's essential to have knowledge of the timing and appearance of human and animal movement and facial expressions. At EA, Animators usually have a degree in Fine Arts or Computer Animation

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